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banded warmup+front rack
Front squat 3×7 75%
TTB skills
“Front Nine”
18 Calorie Row
15 Box Jump Overs (24/20″)
12 Toes-to-Bar
9 DB Front Squats 45/25
Roll quads then couch stretch
More squats in the medium heavy range. This is were we build both strength and muscular endurance. Having to hold it in the front rack for 7 reps will really help core strength. On the wod, don’t sandbag the row. The TTB should be the slow point if any. Try and keep the transitions quick. This is 18min so start off at 75% and then ramp it up if you feel good

Windmill+single arm OHS then sn review
3 pos snatch work up to heaviest set in 18 min
800m run
6 hang snatch 70% above
7 strict pullups
Then 800m run
Roll lats then bar hang
3 pos drills each position of the lift. Go as heavy as you want, as long as you make it look pretty. The run on each end serves to tax the aerobic system, the movements will spike the glycolytic system. This wod is a great mix of endurance and sprint capacity. Hit the 1st run at 80%, scale the weight according to the set percentages so that you can go unbroken, then empty the tank on the last run


Sampson/inchworm/wall squatx3
Deadlift 3×5 75%

8 min
8 KBS 70/53
8 plyo jumps over KB
1 rope climb
rest 2 min

Bringing back the bulgarian split squats to create balance between L/R. This not only builds the caboose, it also will help prevent injury as a balanced body is more durable. The wod is meant to be fast, low reps, simple movements, it should cause a lung burn! Go all out on the bike or row. We don’t create adaptation in our comfort zone!


TGU+windmill 1x10L/10R
6L/6R DB single arm OHS 45/25
12 step ups empty bar on back
Plank rot 1L/1R
40 Dbl under
50m sled push 4/3
6rds or 25 min cap
Today is all about shoulder stabilty. The TGU and single arm OHS isolate L from R, help correct imbalances, and functionally strengthen the scapula and rotator cuff. The plank rotations train the obliques, which protect the spine during rotational stressors. The arm position also strengthens the serratus anterior, an all important muscle for shoulder stability. As far as conditioning goes, its hard to beat a sled push. If you want to finish, you have to earn it!

10 lat lunges
20 prone superman pressess
broad jump
Power clean and jerk work to 80%
3 every 1:15×6
50 wall balls 20/14
10 PCJ 135/95
Roll quads, middle splits, then titanic stretch
This is our hard wod of the week. Few things create fitness like well designed couplets and triplets. I would pace the WB and break each set up evenly. Scale the weight on the PCJ so that you can do RD 1 unbroken. If you rest, it should be because you are out of breath, not because its too heavy.