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OHS 5×2 32X1 70-80%
12 min AMRAP
8 situps
8 OHS 115/75
25 Dbl undersOne of the best ways to get better is to slow movements down. The OHS will help develop stability in the shoulder thourought the ROM. I have never seen pause reps make anyone worse. The wod is about quick transitions. Scale the weigh so that it is unbroken. Err on the lighter side, I want a lot of rds.


Power clean 3 EMOTMx6-50-75%
“Clean up”-5rds
250 row
5 power cleans 155/105, 175/115, 195/ 125, 215/135, 225/145
5 strict pulls
200m run
Use the EMOTM to work on cycling the reps efficiently. Focus on lowering down with the bar close to your body landing in a perfect setup. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Don’t worry about the EMOTM wt. Use it to move better. For the wod, technique is where its at. This is set up to punish those that arm pull. Set a steady pace and think bar close, long arms.


Back squats 3×8 70-75%
SS strict pullups
“Downward Spiral”
Burpee box jumps 24/20
Jumping lunges
single arm KB PP 53/35Thursday

Str: 3×15 back ext+15 vups w/ plate if you can
Teams of 2 Regionals Wod 20 min AMRAP
100-ft. dumbbell overhead walking lunge 50/35 (1DB)
100 double-unders
50 wall-ball shots 30/20
15-ft. rope climb, 10 ascents
50 wall-ball shots 30/20
100 double-unders
100-ft. dumbbell overhead walking lunge 50/35
-Max cal bike row or ski in remaining time
The strength is meant to hit the posterior chain without loading the spine. Back extensions are a great accessory for this purpose. V-ups reinforce the gereration of power from the hollow body position.
Sometimes it fun to test out a regoinal wod to see where we stack up. I like to make these wods partner style, because it makes them fun, doesn’t leave you wrecked and unable to recover, and is solid interval work. If there are not enough 30lb wb, Go 20 to a higher target.Friday

1 power clean+3 push jerk EMOTMx6
1200m run
3 muscle ups-scale w/ pullups or dips/pushups
6 PJ 115/75
9 KBS 70/53
1500m row
The EMOTM is only to warmup the shoulder. 60-70% max. The 1200 will tax the aerobic system, the middle will get us into the glycolytic pathways provided we scale so that transitions are fast and movements are unbroken, and the 1500m row will empty the tank. This type of wod, level HR, spiking the HR, and then finishing with an aerobic movement, will have a tremendous carryover to all time domains.