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Monday, May 8th

Press 3×10
Super Set w/
strict pullups 3×10


4 rounds for time of:
8 Dumbbell Push Press 45/25
20 Wall Balls 20/14
2 Rope Climbs
*1k Row Cash Out

The strength is a vertical push followed by a vertical pull. Not only will this strengthen both movements, it hits all motions of the scapula which is huge in stability. We will work on rope climb technique in class. Work on movement efficiency. There is only 1 row for a reason. Row hard!

Tuesday, May 9th

EMOTM for 10 Minutes of:
Snatch pull to knee then back down + 1 Snatch


15 min AMRAP
2 Snatch 95/65*
25 double unders

*add 10lbs each round

The best way to work on pulling past the knee is complexes. We break complex movements into parts and then finish with the full movement. This is a tried and true methodology for improving motor learning. Don’t get super heavy on the strength. Work perfect form! The wod is all about good technique under fatigue. You have to focus on form to do well at this one. For scaling, if 10lbs is too much, add 5. I want a lot of rds. More rds=more practice=better technique.

Wednesday, May 10th

EMOTM for 8 Minutes of:
Clean + Front Squat


3 Rounds for time of
500 Meter row/bike
7 Front Squats (225/155)

Today, the wod is the strength. We will work on pickiing it up and getting set in the beginning of class. It should be pretty close to what you can clean and squat for a set of 7 for scaling purposes yet still bring it on the row.

Thursday, May 11th

5 rep max


2K Row

We need a benchmark to see how all the pulling we have done has affected our deadlift. These are all deadstop, no bouncing.

A 2k row is one of the best tests of mental toughness I know of. It is one of the most honest assessments of your conditioning. I want to see where everyone is at on this. I predict yall will crush it! Don’t get caught up in comparining your times to other people. Run your race.

Friday, May 12th

KB warmup then skill work


Fran gone bad
3 rounds of:
90sec thrusters 95/65
90sec Pullups
90 sec burpee box jumps
90 sec rest

Taking a break fromt the heavy weights today. This is straight lactate threshold. 90 sec is a long time, you have to pace this. Set a pace you can maintain and you will get a much better score. This type of wod has huge carryover to endurance.