WODS 3/2/20 to 3/6/20

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Monday March 2

Power snatch 5 every 2 minx10 min
500 Row
14 DB Clean and Jerk
1 Rope Clinb

3×10 strict pullups
3×1 min hollow rocks

On today’s power snatch, we have a longer rest interval. Start at 70% and go up by feel. The focus is always on moving well. Send it on today’s wod! Try and go out at 85% on the row and match that every round.


Tuesday March 3

FS 1rm!

12 min ARMAP
20 Wallballs
100m run
12 Pushups
100m run

3×15 GHD situps
3x 5/5 handstand shoulder taps

Here is were we see everyone’s hard work pay off! We’ll do some front rack mobility to ensure good position for everyone. Set a pace you can maintain on the wod. We want unbroken wallballs every time!


Wednesday March 4

12 TTB
10 Power clean and Jerk 115/75
50 DU
6 Power clean and Jerk 155/105
50 DU

3×15 back ext
and or
spend 15 min on cardio machine of choice

Don’t go out too hot here. 80% on the 1st set. That second weight will get heavy after all the stuff that comes before it. Take care to manage your grip fatigue. Might be better to do some singles on the 2nd set depending on TTB level.


Thursday March 5

:Handstand Push ups 5×5 or 3×10 seated DB press

400m run
20 KBS 70/53
10 Ring pushups

10 strict pullups
20 sec hollow hold on GHD

A big focus on mine is putting in more gymnastics progressions. This is equal parts upper body strength and skill. We will be using gymnastics as strength movements in the weeks to come. The wod is similar stimulus to Monday. Get out of your comfort zone on the run.


Friday March 6

5 min AMRAP
50/35 Cal bike/row buy in
max rds
12 Deadlift 225/155
12 Pullups
rest 3 min
5 min ARMAP
50/35 cal bike/Row
max rds
9 Deadlifts 275/185
9 Chest to bar pullups
3 min rest
5 min AMRAP
6 Deadlifts 315/205
6/4 Bar Muscle ups
max Cal in remaining time:)

3×8/8 windmills w/ wt
3x 8/8 sidebends w/ KB

Ya’ll know the drill, The weight goes up, the reps go down, and the gymnastics gets harder. There is a cool twist on the last round. I want everyone to get to the bike/Row so scale the reps on the bar muscle ups as needed.