Corona Virus (COVID-19) Updates

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As everyone knows, things are rapidly changing in San Diego in anticipation of the corona virus and the impact it will have on our community.  

What we’ve already done:

Earlier this week we implemented additional cleaning measures at the gym.  The gym is being mopped and disinfected daily. All coaches are wiping down high touch surfaces during each block of classes (morning, midday and evening).  We have removed community chalk buckets. All toys in the kids room have been cleaned, and the number of toys on hand has been decreased. Members are asked to wipe down every piece of equipment used after every class.  We have made adjustments to programming to limit equipment sharing. 

What we ask going forward:

WASH YOUR HANDS.  All the time. Please wash your hands at home, at work, at the gym, everywhere.  Hand sanitizer works well but hand washing is better. And hand sanitizer isn’t readily available these days.

DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE or your friends! Coronavirus is transmitted but touching a contaminated surface and then touching your mouth/nose/eyes.  Wash your hands before you eat or touch your face. Don’t touch other people. The head nod is a great way to say good job – high fives are on hold for now.  

Wipe down your equipment and floor space.  We ordered more gym wipes this week but were only able to get 2 buckets and they won’t be here until next week.  I have a feeling wipes will be hard to come by here pretty soon so please use them within reason. We also have spray cleaner in the corner by the bands and you can use the towels.  Just make sure to put the used towels in the black dirty towel box.  

Be flexible with workouts.  We are trying to avoid equipment sharing as much as possible.  This may mean not Rxing a WOD or subbing in a run instead of a row.  Please be flexible.

If you have kids and normally use childcare but have the ability to leave your kids home with family members please do so.  We plan to keep childcare open and available for those of you that need it. That being said, if you’re able to adjust your workout times or kids can stay home with their other parent please take advantage of that.  With schools closed we know this will put many of you in a bind. We are here to help.

If you normally attend a class that is on the larger side, consider trying out our evening classes (5 and 6pm are smaller) or coming in during open gym.  We are planning to extend open gym times and will keep you all updated there. You are welcome to bring school age children in with you during open gym to do family workouts.  You’ll need to check in with the coach on duty who can help you create a workout appropriate for you and your kids (this is only during open gym, not regular classes).

Teen classes will carry on as normally scheduled Mon/Wed/Thurs 3:15-4.  If your kids are not part of the teen program and are interested in trying it out let us know.  

Bring your own water bottles.  The drinking fountain isn’t closing…  But please bring your own water bottle already filled.

If you are sick do not come to the gym.  If you have a fever you need to be fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT taking medications.  This goes for any kids you’re bringing to the gym as well. If you have a cough please stay home.  We are happy to provide you some home workouts!

If you need chalk, bring a plastic bag and we’ll give you a piece from a fresh block.  The programming has been adjusted to include more strict movements but if you’re a chalk person bring a bag.

We are in this together:

We aren’t panicking and we don’t want you to either.  There is a lot of information going around social media and it’s hard not to be consumed with it.  We will continue to follow the CDC, WHO and local hospital and government agency guidelines. We are taking all preventative measures we can to help flatten the curve.  If these minor inconveniences can prevent even 1 case of the virus then it’s worth it. We value you and appreciate your understanding and support at this time. If you have concerns please talk to us. 

We will post updates on the website and social media as well as some fun things to keep you all engaged with the gym.

We stand together,

Clint and Kim Russell and the CFC Crew