Wods 6/11/18-6/15/18

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Power cleans 2 EMOTMx6 up to 85%

Odd 400m sprint
Even 6 Power cleans+12 pullups or 8 muscle ups

Use the EMOTM to warmup to slightly heavier than the wod weight. For the wod, ATTACK the run. Use a weight that you can’t TNG 6x in a row. You should approach it with quick singles. In other words, as heavy as form allows. (AHAFA). Pullups or muscle ups are RX for this. Do the more challenging of the movement that you have. If 8MU is too many, don’t hesitate to scale the reps. We are testing our power clean next week.


TTB skills

1 min max reps
Overhead plate lunges 45/25
Plank hold
KB single arm PP 53/35
Calorie bike

We will use the first part of class to improve everyones TTB. After that, the key is to take a BREATH every rep. The bike is last for a reason. Go hard. Earn that rest!


Front squats

Try and go up each set

Row 1k
50 burpees

For the Front squat ladder, go 70, 80, 90, then after that, then 85-90-95 or whatever form allows. We are testing our FS next week. The wod is a bit shorter to allow adequate warmup for the heavy lifting. On that note, get it on the row. Its short, and it should sting. This one is all out effort.


10 close grip bench
10 pullups

Rope climb skills

20 DB snatch 50/35
3 rope climbs
12 Box jump overs 24/20

Bench serves the purpose of strengthening horizontal pressing. Close grip is much safer for the shoulder. We want the reps unbroken. We will be testing our bench press next week. For the pullups, the sets may be broken up if you are unable to get 10 strict in a row. Its ok if it takes you a little longer. Get strong! If rope climbs are not your strong suit, I’d rather you scale the reps and even the height of the climb and still do rope climbs.


Deadlift 2 EMOTM 70-80%x10

Du skills

12 min AMRAP

5 man makers 50/35
25 DU

Deadlift are deadstop. In this fashion, deadlifts have great carryover to the oly lifts with regard to pulling strength. The wod today is gonna build character. Scale the man makers to a weight you can hold a steady pace. We will spend some time tightening up everyones DU. DU are a movement that really rewards efficiency. Don’t try and go fast, just keep going. You will end up going a lot faster.