Wods 6/4/18-6/8/18

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10 strict pullups

1rd every 5 minx4
400m run
12 DB Front rack lunges 50/35
12 DB PP 50/35

Alot of people have expressed interest in getting pullups, bar muscle ups, etc.  Strict pullups are a foundational movement for more advanced gymnastics moves.  Run hard on the 400m.  The goal is to finish each set as fast as you can so get more rest.  Earn that rest!


5 min AMRAP
50/35 cal bike/Row
max rds
9 Power cleans135/95
9 Bar facing buprees
rest 2 min
5 min AMRAP
50/35 cal bike/row
7 Power cleans 155/105
7 Bar Facing burpees
rest 2 min
5 min AMRAP
50/35 cal Bike/Row
max rds
5 power cleans 185/125
5 Bar facing burpees

The goal for this wod is to go 85-90% on the bike so you have some time on the power cleans and burpees.  The weighs should be light, med, and then med/heavy.  Focus on breathing and keeping the back set tight on the cleans.


Front squat 5×2 pause 2ct

“Work it Wednesday”
15 Front squats 155/105
15 C2B pullups
60 Du

Time to see where we are on front squats.  Pauses force you to stay engaged as opposed to collapsing in the bottom.  For the metcon, I want you to use a weight you can get 15 on the 1st set!  This wod is a sprint.  Go get it!


Seated DB press 10
GHD situps 15

12 min AMRAP

3/3,6/6, 9/9…

AKBS 53/35
plyo Jump

Seated DB press prevent overextension and force more core engagement.  GHD situps so everyone looks good in a bathing suit:)  For the wod, you must pace your self.  You will get a much better score if you start off a little slower and then speed up.


3 DL EMOTMx8 up to 80% deadstop

6 min AMRAP rest 3 minx2
5/5 DB C&J
5/5 Renegade Row
10 Ball slams 40/30

Deadstop DL help build strength off the floor and have a greater carry over to your 1rm.  Deadlifts are a movement that we don’t need to push to max effort very often.  The weight should be challenging but no where near failure.  For the metcon, push the envelope.  Focus on taking a breath every rep and trying to maintain as fast of pace as you can.  Try and beat your score on round 2.