Wods 11/5/18-11/9/18

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Back squats
6-4-3-2 80-85-80-95%

600m run
50 Wall balls 20/14
400m run
25 wall balls 20/14

The squats are really heavy now. If you haven’t been consistent scale this back 5-10%. Hit the run at 85%, and then get as many of the 50 wallballs as you can unbroken. Once you get to the 400m, its all downhill.


10 L seated DB press
15-20 Vups

5 min AMRAP
20 DB snatch 50/35
20 burpees to bar
Burpees to bar

The L seated presses and Vups are great for shoulder and core stability. We can’t neglect upper body. For the TGU, focus on the mechanics, slow is smooth, smooth is fast. On the wod, jumping and touching a target on the burpees force you to land with your feet under you, creating a greater demand on the core. Pace through them and make sure you have good landing mechanics.


5 min AMRAP
50/35 cal bike/row
max rds
8 Deadlift 185/125
30 DU
rest 3 min
5 min AMRAP
50/35 cal bike/row
max rds
6 Deadlifts 225/155
40 Du
rest 3 min

5 min AMRAP
50/35 cal bike/row
max rds
4 Deadlifts 275/185
50 Du
rest 3 min

If you want to get alot of rounds, you got to earn them on the bike. You are rewarded with calories for pushing the pace. 90% is where you want to be. Scale the weights on the DL so you can get at least 2rds unbroken each time. The last one should be hard, but you should still be able to keep moving.


Back squats 6-4-3-2

8 min AMRAP
Thrusters 95/65

More heavy squats. I am excited to see you all test this in a few weeks. Don’t be afraid to drop[ the % if needed. You get better when you make it. This wod is a short lung burner. We want fast transitions and unbroken sets. Scale the weight so that this can be maintained. Time to build that motor!


Teams of 2

400m slam ball run 40/30
20 snatch 115/75
20 Ring dips
400m slam ball run
20 snatch 135/95
20 ring dips
400m slam ball run
20 snatch 155/105
20 ring dips

Teams will alternate back and forth carry the slam ball however they deem fit. Odd objects simulate real life more and tax the core differently than barbells. The snatch weights should increase each round but should not approach failure weights.  Dips are a great strengthening exercise for the upper body and will complement all of our other pressing movements.