Wods 10/29/18-11/2/18

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2 Power snatch+1 OHS EMOTMx8

Power snatch 95/65
Ring pushups
200m run

Focus on a tight bar path on the power snatch and staying engaged during the squat. Use a weight you can do 15x in a row for the wod. If you need to break the reps, it should be on the ring pushups. The run will allow your heart rate to come down for the other movements.


Back squats 4×6 80%
3×10 strict pullups

500m row
20 walking lunges 50/35
50m SOL carry

Now the squats are getting a bit harder. Don ‘t be afraid to scale the weights if you haven’t been consistent, or if you aren’t feeling up to these percentages. I want it to be challenging, but its more important that you make it with good form. Consistency trumps intensity. The wod is meant to be a burner. Go out at 85% on the rower, and then try and hang on from there.


1x10L/10R TGU

8 min AMRAP
20 box Jump over buy in
1/1, 2/2, 3/3…
Ball slam 40/30
rest 5 min

1 mile for time:)

The TGU will help develop end range stability and get us prepped for the HSPU. The wod is about an upper body strict press combined with a combo lower and upper body pull. This is a great way to develop upper body strength. The mile run is a great finisher and benchmark. We tend to only run 400m-800m at a time so this will be a nice change of pace. You will probably get a better time if you go out at 80-85% and then pick it up.


20 min AMRAP

15/12 cal row/bike
6 Power clean and jerks 115/75

Today we are working on aerobic capacity. The reps are low enough were they should be done unbroken or with a short break. The kicker is the pace you hold on the rower/bike. Don’t start off too fast. This wod is a lesson in pacing. Breath every rep, set a maintainable pace. If you feel good, pick up on the 2nd half.


Back squats 4×6 80%

15 DB front squats 50/35
3 rope climbs
50 DU”

Last day of sets across for the squats. After this, we start climbing sets with decreasing reps. The wod is meant to be both a burner and accessory work for the squatting. DB front squats hit the core a bit different than a barbell. They are great for developing stability and work capacity. Rope climbs and double unders are very much skills. The only way to get them is practice and repetition.