Wods 10/22/18-10/26/18

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Back squats 3×8 75%
10 pullups each round

20 Goblet squats7 70/53
4 wall walks
50 DU

Week 3 of the squats. Have way done after this week folks! Stick with them and you’ll see some major gains. Start the wod with a KB you can get all 20 on the first round. Use the wall walks to catch your breath whilst your on the floor. The goal is this wod is quick transitions. Focus on your breathing and move right into the next movement. This should have a Fran type feeling.


Bar Mu skills

Row 500m
5 Bar Mu
20 ambat situps
Bike .6
4 Bar MU
20 abmat situps
Run 400m
3 Bar MU
20 abmat situps
Row 500m
2 Bar mu
20 abmat situps
Bike .6
1 Bar Mu
20 abmat situps

We will spend the first part of class working on bar Mu. The goal is to improve our proficiency or build basic strength to do the movement. The wod alternates between monostructural elements so that we can keep the pace up. Don’t underestimate the situps!


2 C and J EMOTMx6 min

Climb the ladder
1/1, 2/2, 3/3…
CJ 135/95

Today is some good ole grunt work. The weight should be medium. It should be a slow steady grind. Quick singles is likely the way to go on the lift. Dont go to failure. This is definitely one to pace!


Back squats 3×8 75%

12 min AMRAP
15 walballs 20/14
12 DB snatch 50/35
6 Ring dips

Good work so far on the squats. Again, always better to leave a little on the table as far as weight is concerned and make the set. The wod is meant to be steady movement for 15 min. Try to hold an unbroken pace for as long as possible. The key to this is controlling the breathing and making sure you are properly set in your midline for each movement.


Du skills

1 mile run
at the 10 min mark

4 rds of cindy
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squats
(you get to rest if you finish early)
at the 15 min mark

15-25 min
5 deadlift-135/95, 185/125, 225/155, 275/185, 315/205, 365/225
30 Du each round
Get as far as you can-If you get through these weights before 25 min you are done.

This wod is testing your ability to change weights and lift under a little bit of fatigue. These are some of my favorites because they test overall work capacity. In order to get to the heavy weights, you gotta earn it. Focus on keeping the bar close on the deadlift and landing the next rep in a perfect setup.