Wods 10/15/18-1/0/19/18

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3×5/5 windmills+5/5 single arm OHS

17 min AMRAP
40 burpees
30 snatch 75/55
30 burpees
30 snatch 135/75
20 burpees
30 snatch 165/100
10 burpees
Max reps 210/120

This is both endurance and strength. To get to the heavy weights, you gotta earn it. If these weights are too, heavy, dial them back to where they are manageable. We want you to be able to move the whole 17 min. Set a pace you can hold on the first set of burpees!


Back squats 3×10 70%
SS 10 pullups

50/35 cal row/bike
35 DB hang squat cleans 50/35
50/35 cal row/bike

The back squats get a little harder from last week. If you came both times last week, they should be no problem and your past the awful soreness phase. If not, don’t be afraid to dial them back. For the wod, hit the first row/bike at 85% effort. Then, break the cleans up in manageable chunks with short rests. Put your foot on the gas for the last row/bike!


5/5 windmills+5/5 OHS single arm

Skill TGU

5 min AMRAP TGU 50/35 DB
rest 2 min

400m run
6/6 single arm PP 50/35 DB
12 Ball slams 40/30
10 Knees to elbows

Today is all about single arm. TGU are one of the best single arm/unilateral core movements available. On the AMRAP, don’t go as fast as you can, just focus on consistently hitting the points of performance. They are a strength piece for sure. You will be fatigued going into the wod, focus on taking a breath every rep and setting a maintainable pace on the run.


Ring muscle ups

18 min to complete
4 Muscle ups
8 Deadlift 225/155
50 DU
Max Cal bike/row remaining time

Each week we have been alternating ring and bar MU. The only way to get better at them is for them to be programmed. If you have these, but 4 is too many, we can scale the reps as well. The deadlift should be unbroken each time. If not, drop weight. This wod is set up to control the amount of reps done, but still keep the time domain longer via the row. Remember, calories reward you for working hard! Go get it!


Rope climb skills

Back squats 3×10 70%

60 Wall balls 20/14
25 Vups
50 KBS 70/53
25 true pushusp
50 KB sumo DL 70/53
7 Rope climbs

Rope climbs are a way to help train our pullup muscles in a different fashion. Strength is not just with a barbell. During this squat cycle is a great time to assess your own movement. Tight ankles, hamstrings etc, ask one of us how to address them.

This chipper will get the HR up and will be a fun way to end the week. You’ll work hard but won’t over do it on any one movement.