WODs 10/8-12

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Monday 8 October

Back squats 3×10 65%
Super Set 10 strict pullups

3 Rounds
18 Cal Bike/Row
18 Dumbbell Walking Lunges 50/35
18 Kettlebell Swings 70/53

Today is day 1 week one of our squat cycle.  Don’t worry if this seems too easy, it starts off slow and builds steam over the next month.  Week 5 it gets hard..  The metcon is a sprint.  Go out hard on the row and make sure to breath every rep on the lunges and swings.  Try and hold your pace from round 1 on 2 and 3.

Tuesday 9 October

Power cleans 205/135
Double Unders

50m Statue of Liberty Carry 50/35

We will spend some time warming up our DU and power cleans.  This might be a wod where you want to do quick singles for each power clean.  It should be heavy, but not so heavy that you fail.  The statue of liberty works shoulder and core stability.

Wednesday 10 October

Close grip bench Bench Press 3 x 10

4 Rounds: 1 Minute Max Reps of Each
Cal Bike
Toes to Bar
Burpee Box Jump overs 24/20
Rest 1 min

We program bench to strengthen horizontal pressing.  This is a very functional angle of the shoulder.  We use close grip because it puts the shoulders in a safer position.  The wod is meant to be low load on the joints, high heart rate.  This will allow us to recovery from the past 2 days and hit tomorrow hard all the while building endurance.

Thursday 11 October

Back squats 3 x 10 65%
Super Set with Dumbbell Row 8L/8R

3 Rounds
400m run
15 Jumping squats(Hands behind head
12 Push Press 50/35

Day 2 of our back squats.  You might be sore from Monday, but you won’t get as sore this time.  The wod is a burner.  This is a similar stimulus to the benchmark Helen and should feel like a mile run.  Use a weight you can get round 1 unbroken.

Friday 12 October

Bar muscle ups skills!!

15 min AMRAP
10 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift 2 KB 53/35
10 Weighted Box Step Ups 1 KB 53/35
3 Bar Muscle Ups

Hold the kettlebell however you want.

If you don’t have bar muscle ups, this is the day for you.  Maybe you’ll get your first one, or connect several together.  The sumoDL with 2xKB causes a wider stance and really hits the inner thighs and glutes hard all while sparing the low back.  The weighted stepups are our odd object work.  You may hold it(1KB) any way you want.  The goal of this wod is to maintain a consistent pace throughout.  Definitely not a sprint.