Wods 11/12/18-11/16/18

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Veteran’s Day


Back squats 5-4-3-2

12 min AMRAP
4/4 OHL R 53/35
4/4 OHL L
8 KB squats 2×53/35
8/8 KB PP(1×53)
60 DU

Last week of the squat cycle! Time to see those gainz. If you haven’t been consistent, back it off. It should be hard, but I want you all to get through the first 3 sets. If you fail on the 4th, its ok. For the wod, this is meant to challenge stability with a high heart rate. Take a breath each rep. Focus on being smooth and consistent. If you can’t handle 2 KB for the squats, 2xDB is a good option.


Partner wod
Teams of 2
18 min AMRAP
60 cal row
50 TTB
40 Wall balls 20/14
30 Deadlifts 275/185
10 Muscle ups

This style of partner wod allows us to get in some solid interval work. Break the reps up however but focus on being consistent in that someone should always be working. Believe it or not, you can get stronger doing a metcon. don’t push the deadlifts beyond what you can hold with good form. Consistency is key.


Power clean+2 Push Jerk EMOTMx8

400m run
12 Push Jerk 135/95
8 strict pullups

Next cycle we will spend some time cycling clean and jerks. This is prep for that. Punch under the bar fast. Speed is the key, especially when you are tired. We all need the strict pullups. The are what keep our shoulders safe and strong. For the run, see if you can pull off negative splits but stay consistent throughout the rest of the wod.


Back squats

DB thrusters 50/35
Ball slams 40/30

Last day of the squat cycle. We deload over Thanksgiviing. Attack this wod! Its meant to sting a bit. I want you to scale the thrusters so that you can be aggressive on the bike/row. Its ok if the weight is a bit lighter. Earn that weekend!