Athlete Spotlight: Lisa M

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December’s Athlete spotlight is also CFC’s award recipient for Best Attitude. It’s a great month to be Lisa Misset! This December also marks one more “great” for Lisa: her last radiation treatment! Six months ago, Lisa was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She underwent surgery with great prognosis. Preventative Chemo, and radiation followed.

Lisa kept up her regular CrossFit class schedule. “CrossFit was my daily norm. I didn’t have to modify the WODs. CrossFit kept me feeling positive, I knew that I still had my life.” Lisa adds that she decides what she needs to do, and does it! Those that attend class with Lisa, or have coached have found inspiration and confidence for themselves.

Lisa is originally from Kansas. She came to San Diego for law school, 38 years ago. Lisa was a criminal prosecutor for 20 years. A profession that she loved, especially the trial work. “For women trial work is like playing professional sports. There is no other profession in which women can be as competitive and aggressive.” Lisa has also coached Mock Trial for San Diego’s high school students, and found it to be one of the highlights of her life.

Lisa’s immediate family is her daughter Celeste who is 22, and is in New York attending college. Lisa’s husband Tom pokes his head into the gym from time to time. They have been together for 15 years and married for 13 years. Lisa is a dog lover through and through. Currently she has a Rottweiler and a Pit Bull. Many Thursday mornings the gym members get to see Lisa out walking with dogs from Paws, Coronado’s dog and cat shelter.

Lisa has been a member of CFC for two years. Jean Wiesner (a former CFC member) introduced her to CrossFit. Lisa has also been a swimmer her whole life, competing in rough water swims, and swimming for Coronado Masters.

Lisa’s goals as a CrossFitter are to keep getting better. All of the movements we do in class were new to her when she joined. Lisa keeps pushing ahead, even small jumps up in weight she takes as an accomplishment. Her favorite movements are deadlifts, pull-ups (which she can now do a few strict), and rope climbs. Getting up the rope is her proudest accomplishment in the gym to date. Now, Lisa is determined to master double unders!

What does Lisa love about CFC that keeps her coming back? The great vibe, community, everyone is accepted without judgement. Classes are never boring, and there are new skills to learn. Lisa adds that since her retirement from the law profession, its rewarding to have new accomplishments. Getting better is her motivation, even just pushing ahead in small increments. Its also those small incremental jumps that keep her injury free, and allow her to attend classes as often as she likes.

Her advice for new CrossFitters, “You can do it, I do. Set small goals. Set your own goals. Don’t look around and worry about what others are doing. Its just like swimming, keep your head down and go, you waste time looking around. This is your journey. Tell yourself YES!