WODS 12/17/18-12/21/18

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Bar MU monday!

50 DB hang CJ 50/35
100 DU
40 Pushups
100 DU
30 cal bike
100 Du
10 Bar MU

In order to get skills like bar muscle ups we must practice. If you’ve gottem, here the chance to make them even better. For the chipper, focus on breathing and being efficient through the moves. You’ll do much better if you hit this at 80% most of the way so you have gas in the tank for the bar muscle ups.


2 power cleans EMOTMx8 up to wod weight

1rd every 3 minx6
4 Strict HSPU
6 Power cleans 205/135
100m sprint

We are working sprint intervals today. The EMOTM is simply a warmup. We’ll scale the HSPU so you can get 4 in a row everytime. Go hard on the 100m sprint. The faster you finish, the more rest you get.


Back squat 3×6 75%

12 min AMRAP
10 Front rack lunges 115/75
2 rope climbs

We’ve worked hard at squatting, we’ve got to maintain it. The percentages are a guideline. No misses. The lifting is training, not competition. Quick transitions between the rope and the lunges. Take a breath every lunge. Pace yourself so you can move 12 min.


5/5 windmills
8 strict pullups

3rds 1 min max reps
Row cal
Jumping squats
Abmat situps
Bike cal

The windmills and strict pullups are meant to help shoulder stability. The wod will help improve upper body strength endurance under fatigue. Keep the quads tight on the pushups!


2 power snatch+1 OHS EMOTMx10 min

10 power snatch 115/75
20 box jump overs 24/20
20 DB Box Step ups 50/35

The EMOTM is more position work for our snatches. Don’t try to break a record. Time time will come. This wod is a lung burner. Scale the power snatch so you can do 10 in a row. The step ups are a grind. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. I’d go a bit slower on the box jump overs so that you have some juice for the step ups.