Athlete Spotlight: Anna Coulson

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Image may contain: Faye Sexton and Anna A. Coulson, people smiling, people standing and eyeglassesAnna Coulson was an earlier spotlight that we are finally posting about now! She joined us in January 2018 with our first Best Self Challenge Bootcamp. I had the pleasure of coaching the bootcamp, and now the honor of writing about Anna and her journey so far at CFC. There are many words to describe Anna. Beautiful inside and out are at the top of the list. Determined, outgoing, kind, and hard-working describe Anna as well.

A little about Anna. She grew up in Sacramento CA. She played basketball and golf, and loved roller blading. Golf is no longer a favorite sport. She stays close with her family, and enjoyed that close bond growing up. Anna grew up with two brothers, one of which was in the Army. Her mother and one of her brothers have sadly has passed away. Anna is a proud Navy wife. She’s been married to Karl for 14 years. She loves to travel. A unique fact about Anna is that she was adopted at birth. Anna finds inspiration in her faith, it helped with her grief when her mother passed away and her brother died tragically. She also finds motivation from her living brother who lives a healthy lifestyle and stays fit. Anna came to join our community because she loves life and wanted to take better care of herself. Anna had another motivation for changing her way of lifestyle. She wanted to be prepared to have children! She and Karl are expecting twin girls this spring!

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I asked Anna what she loves about CFC. The gym brought her back to life after her brother’s death. He had taken his own life. Anna was quick to praise Clint and Kim, and “the members are awesome!” She feels like the coaches listen and will help her work with her goals. The CrossFit wods have helped Anna stay emotionally and mentally well.

Anna’s favorite movements are the bench press, banded pull-ups, slam balls and double unders. Her least favorite are burpees, squats and lunges. Although her squats have improved dramatically since she started! At the time of our interview, Anna’s goals were to get unbanded pull ups, linked double under, and just get stronger.  Right now she’s focusing on growing the twins and looks forward to getting back in the gym when cleared by her doctor!

Anna’s proudest moment at CFC to date is doing Murph with Faye. It was an emotional day before getting to the gym. She also had some fear about being with such a large group of people. Needless to say, she did it!  And she had an awesome smile too!

When asked what advice she’d give to new members or those interested in trying CFC she said, “Keep and open mind. Try not to get intimidated. There are always modifications for the movements”.

Anna has been out of the gym for the last few months due to her pregnancy. But we look forward to welcoming her back soon!