WODs for 2/26-3/2

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Monday 26 February
3 Sets of:
Front Squats x 7 @ 75%
Rest exactly 2 minutes between sets.

“You Ain’t Got No Legs Lt. Dan”
Complete the following For Time:
Thrusters 95/65
Pull Ups
*On the top of every minute starting at 1:00, complete 3 Burpees before continuing with the workout.

We start the week with some moderate weight Front Squats for 7 reps. Be diligent about the 2 minute rest between sets. If you aren’t feeling too hot today back off on the intensity. We are in Open Season so the priority is staying healthy and allowing our body time to recover for the weekly Open WODs.

We have a quick and dirty one today for the MetCon. It’s Fran with some Burpees thrown in because everything is better with Burpees. You should be able to keep the intensity high during this WOD like you would in standard Fran, but the Burpees will definitely slow you down a little. The Burpees are designed to throw you off your rhythm so stay focused and try to get back into a groove as quickly as you can after the last Burpee. Expect some Fran Lung!

Tuesday 27 February
4 Sets of:
Dead-stop Deadlift x 5 @ 70-75%
Bulgarian Split Squats x 8/8
Rest as needed between supersets.

“Run Forrest Run!”
3 Rounds For Time of:
400m Run
20 Kettlebell Swings 70/53
30 Sit Ups

For the Strength portion today we are supersetting Dead-stop Deadlifts and Bulgarian Split Squats. This combination will strengthen your posterior chain as well as stabilize your LPHC (lumbar pelvic hip complex). Make sure you warm your hips up thoroughly before you start and I highly suggest dropping into the pigeon stretch for at least 30 seconds on each side after you finish the WOD.

The MetCon is a fairly quick 3 round workout. For those of you who are comfortable with big sets of GHD Sit Ups, challenge yourself and jump on the GHD. If you are not, don’t worry – you’ll still get great core work with 30 Ab Mat Sit Ups. The goal is to find a pace where you can come in from the Run and knock out the Kettlebell Swings and Sit Ups unbroken then go right out for your next Run. This doesn’t mean it has to be really fast, just smooth and consistent. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and keep the transition periods short.

Wednesday 28 February
Take 20 minutes to build to today’s 1 Rep Max:
Overhead Squat

“Pineapple Shrimp, Lemon Shrimp, Coconut Shrimp…”
AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
7 Overhead Squats 115/75
30 Double Unders

We start with working up to a 1 Rep Max Overhead Squat. Again, listen to your body. The Open WODs are priority so only push it if you know there won’t be serious consequences. You will have 20 minutes to build so here is a good opportunity to practice your jumps in weight and the rest needed between sets. For rest, a good general rule of thumb is to rest longer between the heaviest attempts and shorter while you’re still warming up.

We have a moderate time domain for today’s AMRAP and moderate weight for the Overhead Squats, which means pacing is key here. It is definitely possible to get into double digit rounds but finding a good starting pace is the key. When in doubt, start off a little slower than you think because you can always push harder later on. Do not start out as fast as you can possibly move because you’ll make it to about 6 minutes and start staring at the barbell.

Thursday 1 March
Bar Muscle Up Skills

“Stupid Is As Stupid Does”
AMRAP in 25 minutes of:
-BUY IN- 2k Row/2.4mi Bike -BUY IN-
5 Rounds of:
200m Run
4 Bar Muscle Ups
5/5 Single-Arm KB Push Press 53/35
12 Ball Slams 40/30
Then in the remaining time…
Max Distance Row/Bike

Back to working on Bar Muscle Up Skills. We will spend a little bit of time reviewing the progression and having everyone practice before the workout. We’ve seen a lot of improvement over the last few weeks, let’s continue to get more efficient!

The MetCon today is a longer one. You start with a 2k Row/2.4mi Bike Buy-In then move onto the 5 rounds. You should have anywhere from 15-18 minutes to knock out these rounds so I’d suggest aiming for at least a 3 minute/round pace. It’s aggressive but doable. When you finish up the last round, jump on the piece of equipment you have not used yet for your Max Distance (if you start with the Row then end with the Bike, and vice versa).

Friday 2 March
Open WOD 18.2

Open WOD 18.2 will be released Thursday! Good luck and have fun!