WODs for the week 3/5-9

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Monday 5 March
4 sets
5 Push Press 70-75%
20 Russian Twists

“Speedy Gonzales”
1 Round every 5 min x 4
400m run
12 PP 95/65
50 DU

Today’s strength is to help strengthen overhead pressing, as well as train the obliques. The obliques are very important in providing midline stabilization.  For the wod, we want each round to be fast. You’ll get a little bit of rest not enough to fully recover. You need to hit the run at 90% effort. We want to see you pickup the bar and maintain good form on the PP when you are tired. The weight is meant to be light and should be done unbroken.

Tuesday 6 March
Front squats find 5rm

“Worse than Karen”
80 WB 20/14
60 cal Row
40 WB 20/14
20 cal Row

This will be our heavy lift of the week. During the open, we have to make sure we still go heavy to keep the CNS sharp. With all of the sets of 7-10 we’ve been doing, I am excited to see everyone’s progress. If you don’t PR, don’t worry, the goal is to do your best for today and get in some quality lifts.  For the metcon, my suggestion is to try something you normally wouldn’t do. Get out of the comfort zone! See what it feels like to go unbroken on the WB, or break the WB and get it on the row! This is where you learn.

Wednesday 7 March
Pause mid thigh power clean + power clean EMOTM x 10
work up to 75-85%

5 Rounds
7 Power clean 65%
12 TTB
1 rope climb
12 plyo jumps over bar

Brilliance at the basics. The better you get, the basics become even more important. This will help a drill the positions as well as develop full hip extension.  For the wod, consider breaking up the TTB if they are a movement you struggle with. You will have a faster pace overall. We will spend some time reviewing rope climbs. Even if you’ve got them, there is always room to improve.

Thursday 8 March
3 Rounds
10 Close Grip Bench
6/6 single arm DB rows

15 min AMRAP
12/8 Cal Bike
15 KBS 70/53
8/5 strict pullups
7 True pushups

We are going to start doing a lot more horizontal pressing and pulling. This will help our overhead lifts, HSPU, improve stability, make our arms look better, and generally make us more awesome. fThe wod is meant to be done at a consistent pace. We want our HR to average 80% the whole time. The key is proper pacing. Go at a speed you could answer a question. Any faster and you will have to slow way down.

Friday 9 March
18.3 Open WOD