Wods 9/9/19-9/13/19

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“CrossFit Total”

Find 1rm in

Back squat



This is our benchmark for strength this coming year.  We’ll retest this before Christmas to see how far yall have come!


“””Championship Helen””
400m run
21 AKBS 53/35
12 Pullups
This is the exact opposite of yesterday.  We need to have strength and endurance.  This is my favorite benchmark for CrossFit endurance as it forces you to pace your self.  5rds is a different ball game as opposed to 3.
“Teams of 2
2k Row Buy in
10rds(1 person must do a full round before switching)
10 Thrusters 95/65
10 Ring pushups
2k Row $$$ out
The world changed 18 years ago.  Never Forget!!!
Du skills
2 Power snatch EMOTMx6
5 power snatch start 60% and add every round
30 DU
8 Step Ups 24/20 50/35 DB
30 DU
Use the EMOTM to dial in your movement.  If you’re beat up from this week, go lighter today and focus on moving well.  This is a great workout to use to improve your technique on snatch and double unders.  You improve your skills when you slow down!
“”Dirty Dozen””
15 min AMRAP
12 Box Jump overs
12 DB front squats 50/35
12 Ball slams 40/30
12 DB snatch 50/35
12 Burpee Box Jump overs 24/20
12 Toes to bar
12 DB Push Press 50/35
This is a fun way to end the week.  The goal today is simply to keep moving.  You this a chance to work on your breathing mechanics and transitions between exercises.