Wods 9/16/19-9/20/19

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Reminder, Wednesday 6pm no oly class.  I will be teaching a wine and mobility course. Come on in and get your overhead squat position dialed in!


5 Front squats 70-75%
8/8 BSS
“1-2 Punch”
10 min AMRAP
25 WB 20/14
40 DU
Today is the start of our winter cycle.  The first part is meant to address the posterior chain.  These are a lot harder after squatting.  I’d rather you really push it on the BSS and stay lighter on the FS if you must.  Scale the wod so you can move for 10 min.  This is really good prep for the open as well as some great endurance work.


10 seated DB Press
20 Vups

400m run
6/6 KB clean and Jerk 53/35
12/8 Strict pullups
Yesterday was all about lower body, today is arms!  We want the KB CJ unbroken every round!  Consistent pace on the run, may 2 breaks on the pullups.


20 min AMRAP
3 Power cleans start at 60%
15/12 Cal bike Row
Add every 5-10lbs/rd
Its not enough to be strong.  We need to be strong when tired.  A lot of you will find that you lift better under these circumstances.  If you get too heavy, simply stay the same or drop down. for the remainder of the wod.


Bar Mu skills
“Cold Feet”
Big lap buy in
4 Bar MU
8/8 DB snatch 50/35
16 Box Jump overs 24/20
50m Dball/sandbag carry
This is an opportunity to get better at higher skill movements.  I’d rather you scale reps on the bar muscle ups rather than skip them all together.  If you need to break this wod, it should only be the bar mu.  The other stuff should be consistent.


Rope climb skills
“Rope a Dope”
1 min max reps
KBS 70/53
Goblet lunges
Abmat situps
Push Press 115/75
Rope climbs
Rest 1 min

Today is a great day to work on rope climbs.  Scale the weights so you can get 12+ in a row on the first round.  We want you moving fast as long as possible.