Wods 8/12/19-8/16/19

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2 weeks until Battle by the Bay.  Its a fun way to build camaraderie and work out with people that come to different classes.   We are working toward a CrossFit Total on September 9.  We’ve been mixing strength in with work capacity so I am excited to see how strong yall have gotten!


3 Power snatch EMOTMx3 rest 1 min
2 Power snatch EMOTMx3 min rest 1 min
1 Power snatch EMOTMx7 heavy 
Open wod 11.1

10 min amrap
30 DU
15 Power snatch 75/45
The first part is a warmup.  Don’t get heavy until the last 7.  This wod is all about pacing.  Consistency is the key.  Start off too hot and you’ll pay!


Back rack lunges 10/10
SS 10 strict pullups

500m row
12 Ring pushups
25 Jumping squats
400m run
12 Ring dips
25 Jumping lunges
6. Bikero
25 Air squats
Back rack lunges target the posterior chain more so than squatting.  Expect these to light up the booty!  Attack the run/row/bike part of this wod.  Pace the upper body movements as needed.


Push Press cycling skills
8 min AMRAP
7 Box Jump overs 24/20
7 KBS 70/35
7 Push Press 135/95
2 Wall walks
rest 4 min
2 sets
The rest in this case keeps the intensity high and prevents technique from breaking down.  Scale this so you can go unbroken for as long as possible.  We want a quick pace.


Ring Muscleups

Front squats 155/105
Bar facing burpees
2 Ring MU/rd
Muscle ups are hard enough, but today they are made worse by the burpees.  You’ll get 10rds to practice them in small sets.  This is a great way to develop a new skill.


5 min AMRAP
600m run
max rds
12 DB Step up 1x 50/35 24/20
12 Deadlift 185/125
rest 3 min
400m run
max rds
14 DB step up
8 Deadlift 225/155
Rest 3 min
200m riun
max rds
16 DB step up
6 Deadlift 275/185
The step ups will make the deadlifts harder than you think.  They are there to force us to use the posterior chain.  The deadlifts should be unbroken on round 1 and 2, and then slower on the last set.