Wods 6/3/19-6/7/19

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DU skills
2 Power clean and Jerk EMOTMx7
“”Jake the Snake””
15 min AMRAP
7 Power clean and Jerk 135/95
30 DU
7 Strict pullups
30 DU
20 ABmat situps
30 Du
I want you to use a weight you can do 7 reps in no more than 2 sets.  We want a consistent pace.  Short sets and short rests is the way to go.  Start off a little slower and then pick it up.
5 Front squat 2 ct pause 70%
8/8 Bulgarian split squat
“”Robot Chicken””
1k Row
12 Goblet squats 70/53
12 KBS 70/53
12 Toes to bar
Single limb movements challenge stability and result in more posterior chain activation.  We need to get you all ready to crush walnuts by Christmas:)  Goblet squats put the hips in a better position resulting in less loading on the joints.

3 rds
1 min max reps
Bar Muscle ups
Jumping Lunges
Push Press 95/65
Box Jump overs
Rest 1 min
We don’t do high skill movements very often in this kind of density.  This set up will allow more advanced folks the opportunity to work on stringing more bar muscle ups together while it will also let others work on them.  My challenge to all of you wanting to get better at bar mu is this, ignore your score, and pace the push press so you can  get more bar MU.  For those of you that are good at bar mu, I want you to do the opposite.   Go hard on the other movements so you have to earn the bar mu under fatigue.
1944m Row(2.4 bike) Buy in
6 6Step ups 1×50/35  24/20
50m Sol Carry 50/35
Finish with 75 cal row/Bike
75 yrs ago the allies landed on the beach in Normandy to liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny.  Never Forget!!!!
“Power snatch+OHS+snatch E90 secx8 work up to heavy set
30 Power snatch 75/55
30 Burpees over bar
25 power snatch 95/65
25 Burpees over bar
20 Power snatch 115/75
20 Burpees over bar
400m run
We are going to begin focusing on our snatch.  Go up as form allows.  Scale the wod so you can move the whole time.  The weights should start light and end medium.  Empty the tank on the run.