Wods 5/27/19-5/31/19

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Reminder, tomorrow is Murph and we are open 9am only.  We back off a bit on the lifting this week to give everyone a chance to recover from Murph.  Also, we have to let the floor sit for a couple of days before we can drop weights.  This week we will utilize a lot of dumbells.  They are a great way to expose and correct weak points.  We’ll get back to lifting next week.




1 mile run

100 pullup

200 pushups

300 air squats

1 mile run

All with a 20lb vest


“””Dust Devil””

20-2Cal row/Bike

10-1 Ball slam

1 rope climb/rd


This is meant to get the blood flowing after Murph.  You’ll recover faster if you come in and move.  Even if you’re really sore, just get in here and move around.


15 min AMRAP

12 DB lunges 2×50/35
12 Box Jump overs 24/20
12 DB PP 50/35
12 Box Step ups 24/20 1xDB
50 SOL carry
Scale this wod so you can move for 15 min.  We want you to get more rounds as that is what will help strengthen the glutes to correct quad dominance.  DB are great for exposing and correcting our weak points.
800m run
50 abmat situps
50 Superman back ext
This wod is meant to improve our aerobic threshold.  We all need to work on our core strength and today is the day:)  This gives the rest of the body a break will improve circulation so we are ready to go next week.
OHS 5×2 32×1
12 min AMRAP
“GI Joe”
4 Burpee pullups
8 Goblet squats 70/53
12 KBS 70/53
40 DU
Tempo OHS will help build shoulder stability and train the entire ROM.  Burpee pullups are a move3ment that we don’t see that often.  We’ll scale it as needed.  We want you to be able to move consistently for 12 min.  To do that, you need to set a pace you can maintain for the wod’s duration.