WODS 5/13/19-5/17/19

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“””Road kill””
12-9-6-3 Front squats 185/125
4-3-2-1 Rope climbs
200m run

You don’t have to lift as heavy as you can to get stronger.  This wod is very much a strength component.  Use a weight you can get all 12 with good technique.  Set a pace you can maintain.  We can scale the reps on the rope climbs if needed.


Strict press 3×10 or HSPU 5×5
super set w/ 20 Vups
“Pogo Stick”
10 min amrap
10 DB push press 50/35
30 DU
Upper body strength is the focus today.  You can pick b/w press or HSPU.  There is value to both.  Set a pace you can maintain on the AMRAP.  Its not gonna workout well if you go too fast.
3 power cleans EMOTMx3
Rest 1 min
2 Power cleans EMOTMx3
10min to find 1rm Power clean
“”Black and Blue””
10 Power cleans 135/95
10 Burpees
We have done a lot of pulling and today we see where we are on power cleans.  The EMOTM is purely a warmup.  end it at 80-85% and then singles with rest during the 10 min.  The wod is meant to be quick.  Scale the weight so you can attack both movements.
“””Upstairs and Downstairs””
Overhead squats 95/65
Cal row/bike
immediately into
Back rack lunge 95/65
Cal row/bike
Start this wod off at 80%, then pick it up once you get to the lunges.  This is lighter weight and is intended to really hit the lungs.  Back rack lunges allow you to keep going without your front rack fatiguing.  Roll the glutes after this!
3 Deadlift EMOTMx8 70% stealth
“”Sugar Daddy””
400m run
15 2xKBDL 70/53
5 BarMU
Next week we test out our 3rm Deadlift.  Focus on staying engaged on the deads and leave some on the table for next week.  The wod should feel like a 1-1.5 mile run.  Hit rd1 85% then adjust from there.