WODs 2/25/19-3/1/19

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Rowing/biking Nancy


500m row/.6 Bike

15 OHS 95/65

This is a retest from the beginning of the year.  Time to see how far yall have come!  We’ve worked hard on both of these movements.  For a long wod like this, the key is pacing.  You should start off a little slower, and then pick it up.


Bar MU skills

15 min AMRAP
100 DU
4 Bar MU
20 Power clean 135/95
100 DU
3 Bar MU
20 power clean 185/125
100 DU
2 Bar MU
20 power clean 205/135
100 DU
1 Bar MU
max power cleans 225/155

Ladder wods are some of my favorite.  In order to get to the heavy weight, you have to earn it.  We will spend some time dialing in bar MU and double unders.  Both of these movements will most likely be in the open.  Here is good chance to practice them.  On a longer wod like this, its better to move a little slower but consistently, than come out too hot and burnout.


Front squat 5×3 85%

400m run
12 DB push Press 50/35
10 strict pullups

I want these squats to be heavy enough so that you have to pause at the top and take a breath or 2 between each rep, but they should not be failure heavy.  If your newer or not feeling it, go lighter and work technique.  This is a sprint wod.  Its 7-10 min of getting after it.  Attack the first run at 85-90%, and then hang on.


single arm OHS skills

Shoulder tap skills

Row 500m
12 2×53/35 kb dl
Bike .6
12 AKBS 53/35
4/4 shoulder taps

I realize there is a lot of rowing/biking this week.  These keep the heart rate high, but are easy on the joints.  This allows the body to recovery from the lifting as it facilitates circulation but builds aerobic capacity at the same time.  An added bonus is that it won’t make you sore for the open wod tomorrow.