WODS 2/18/19-2/22/19

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9am only


Deadlift 5rm

12 min AMRAP
30 Dbl unders
10 Lunges 2×50-1 OH 1 FR
30 DU
10 lunges opposite hand placement
30 DU
10 burpees lat over DB

Today we see how this Deadlift/goblet squat cycle has improved our 5rm deadlift.  This is a great benchmark as it is also a test of endurance at a heavier load.  The wod is meant to tax the core with as well as challenge shoulder stability with the dumbells.  Pick weights that you can move consistently for 12 minutes.


2 Power clean+3 Front squat E90 secx7

Front squats 155/105
12-9-6 Strict Pullups
9-6-3 strict HSPU

The squats will be taken from the floor to help us prepare for the open.  Being able to transition from clean to squat is a skill that must be practiced.  The goal is to get to a heavy set with good form, not maximal.

Fact, strict movements make you strong and will help all sorts of other stuff.  We can scale this all sorts of ways.  Its hard, but will make you all better.


25 min AMRAP
Row/bike 15/12 cal
2 Power snatch+2 OHS
Start at 50-60%, go up 5-10lbs each round as far as form dictates

You can get heavy, but you have to earn it.  We will spend some time warming up the movement, but make sure you start light enough so you get some quality reps in with easy weight.  You’ll perform a lot better later on with that strategy.


TTB skills

400m run
15 Push Press 95/65
15 TTB
15 Pushups

Often times in class, we don’t get to spend as much time on gymnastics movements.  Today we have some time devoted to toes to bar.  The key is understanding the hollow-arch positions.  For the wod, we want the push press unbroken every round.  Go light enough so that’s accomplished.  This should feel like a mile and a half run.


Open wod 19.1 TBA