WODS 12/9/19 to 12/13/19

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Monday December 9

Power snatch+snatch EMOTMx8 min

42 Wallballs 20/14
12/8 Strict pullups
6-4-2 snatch(115/75-135/95-155/105)

Today we focus on heavier snatches while fatigued. Break up the WB in even chunks throughout the wod. If the weights are too heavy, scale down, or stay the same. We want them to be quick singles.


Tuesday December 10

5 single arm DB press+15 V-ups x4

“Little DIpper”
DB push Press 50/35
Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

Single arm pressing will help activate the obliques and along with the V-ups will help keep our core strong. V-ups have great carryover to our gymnastics movements. Today’s wod is meant to be a high heart rate sprint. Go get it!


Wednesday December 11

DU skills

“Low tide”
Buy-In: 700 Meter Row/.9 Bike
7 Squat Cleans (95/65)
25 Double Unders

Rest 3 Minutes

Buy-In: 500 Meter Row
5 Squat Cleans (115/85)
25 Double Unders

Rest 3 Minutes

Buy-In: 300 Meter Row/.3bike
3 Squat Cleans (135/95)
25 Double Unders

In order to have anytime on the cleans, you have to send it on the row. I would like to see 2+rounds every time.


Thursday December 12

“Christmas Cookies”
18 min AMRAP
16 Abmat situps
12 Ball slams 40/30
8 DB Front rack lunge 50/35
4 Strict HSPU

Lots of abs this week! Scale this so the only thing that you break up is the HSPU. We can scale those with seated press or abmats. We want 18 min consistent movement.


Friday December 13

“Steam Roller”
400m run
1 Bar Muscle up
2 Deadlifts 315/205
400m run
2 Bar Muscle ups
4 Deadlift 315/205
400m run
3 Bar Muscle ups
6 Deadlift 315/205
400m run
4 Bar Muscle ups
8 Deadlift 315/205
400m run
5 Bar Muscle ups
10 Deadlift 315/205

Something for everyone today. Running for cardio, bar muscle ups for skills, and heavy deads for the meatheads. I WANT YOU TO SCALE THIS SO YOU CAN RUN HARD:) First 3 rounds of deads should be unbroken. If not there yet on bar mu, we can scale the reps if needed.