WODs 12/3/18-12/7/18

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1 pause power snatch+1 power snatch EMOTMx8

9 Power snatch 95/65
15 wallballs 20/14
200m run

For the next month we are going to work on improving our technique on snatch.  The goal of the EMOTM is pulling mechanics.  This is practice, not competition.  Make it look pretty.  For the wod, scale the weight so that its unbroken!


12 min ARMAP rest 4 minx2
20/15cal bike/row
20 DB snatch 50/35
10 TTB
20/15 cal bike/row
20 DB squats
10 TTB
20/15 cal bike
20 DB push press
10 TTB
Max cal bike/row

We are testing our 3rm front squat tomorrow.  This will get everyones HR up but won’t overly tax the legs and lower back.  Bring it on the row/bike!  Match or beat your scores.  We will work on TTB at the beginning of class.


Front squat find 3rm

12 Thrusters 105/70
12 Pullups
15 slam balls 40/30

We have done a ton of back squats.  We’ll see how it carries over to the front squat.  We’ll retest this in a few weeks.  This wod is meant to be a lung burner.  Scale the thrusters so RD 1 is unbroken and the same for slam balls.  Break the pullups in 2-3 quick sets early on if you to and you’ll get a faster time.


10 seated DB press
15-20 GHD situps

20 DL 185/125
5 Rope climbs
100 DU
15 Deadlift 185/125
4 Rope climbs
100 DU
10 Deadlift 185/125
3 rope climbs

We’ve hit seated press and GHD consistently to help improve core strength.  Consistency is key to progress.  The deadlifts are meant to be light/med and done all in a row with good form.  Don’t start off too fast on the DU.  Focus on just cruising.  Pace the rope climbs.



windmilss5/5+5/5 OHS pvc

Pistol skills

15 min AMRAP
12 OHL 95/65
12 pushups
12 plyo jumps lat over bar
50m front rack 1×70/53

Pistols are a skill we haven’t hit on much.  They are a great way to build stability.  We’ll work ankle mobility at the beginning of class and then go over multiple pistol progressions.  OH lunges strengthen both the core and single leg but aren’t as challenging for the shoulders as OHS.  We want a consistent effort for this wod.  Start a bit slower, and then pick it up if you feel good.