Wods 11/27-12/1

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Monday 27 November

4 Sets of:
5 Strict Press + 5 Push Press
Rest 90 sec between sets
*Build to today’s heavy set

“Cherry Garcia”
Complete the following for time:
400m Run Buy-In, then
3 Rounds of:
12 Push Press 115/75
12 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift Hi-Pull 70/53
End-and-Back Farmers Carry x 1 KB 70/53 (end of building, single arm carry)
400m Run Cash-Out

Today we start with strict and push press. The goal is to work up to a weight where the last 2 reps of the strict press are a struggle, then go straight into the push press focusing on getting a big pop from the hips. Focusing on your hips will help you get through the last 5 reps, with your shoulders being a little toasty from the strict press.
The MetCon is a quick 3 round workout sandwiched by 400m runs. The push press and kettlebell sumo deadlift hi-pulls are designed to compliment each other as far as muscular activation, with your traps being very active throughout both movements. Try and knock these out quick, unbroken if possible. The single-arm farmers carry is designed to challenge your core and front-rack stability. It is a pretty far single-arm carry so I highly recommend switching arms at the end before making your way back. The first run should be at a moderate-to-high pace and the last run should be an all-out effort.

Tuesday 28 November
Back Squat
4 Sets of:
6 reps @ 80%
4 reps @ 85%
3 reps @ 90%
2 reps @ 95%
Rest 2-3 min between sets

“Phish Food”
AMRAP in 12 min of:
40 Double Unders
16 Overhead Lunges 45/25 plate
6 Pull Ups


Going heavy on Back Squats today. With the CrossFit Total right around the corner, it’s time to increase intensity and decrease volume. Make sure you time your rest intervals; your body will be ready to go within 2-3 min, anything more will be unnecessary.
The AMRAP is a quick one with light movements. After heavy back squats, we do not want to burn out your central nervous systems with heavy movements. Try to find a pace you can hit the movements unbroken with a consistent amount of rest between each movement. The first 2-3 rounds will feel really good, but remember this is a 12 min workout so make sure you save enough in the tank for the rest of the time.

Wednesday 29 November
Pistol Progressions
(Accumulate 10/10 Pistol Squats each side)
Rope Climb Skills

“Chunky Monkey”
3 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
20 Russian Kettlebell Swings 70/53
10 Ring Dips
50m Single-Arm Front-Racked Kettlebell Carry 70/53
2 Rope Climbs

We are revisiting the pistol squats again. The goal for today is to accumulate 10 pistol squats on each leg. Take your time on this, technique and position will go a long way with this movement. . This allows you to stay balanced over your foot. We will also work on rope climb skills, specifically the foot-lock technique and bringing your knees up to make your climbs more efficient.
A lot of kettlebell movements this week. Nothing like a kettlebell to show us our imbalances! This single-arm front-racked carry is shorter than Monday’s, but I still recommend switching arms to work on balancing out your body. The Ring Dips will improve your shoulder stability and tricep strength. If you are proficient in this area, go strict. The rope climb will probably slow some of you down. Focus on establishing a solid foot lock and standing yourself up, not just pulling yourself up. Remember, your legs are much stronger than your upper body!

Thursday 30 November
Take 15 min to build up to a heavy set of:
Power Clean + Hang Pause Clean (mid thigh) + Clean

“Peanut Butter World”
Complete the following for time:
1k Row or 1.2mi Bike
25 GHD Sit Ups
1.2mi Bike/1k Row
25 Squat Cleans 155/105
500m Row or 0.6mi Bike
*Alternate between row and bike. You should not be one the same machine after the GHD sit ups.

The complex today is meant to help you hit all your positions for your clean. Good positioning will greatly improve your cleans, so stay focused and improve that technique!
We got a long chipper today. Make sure you switch machines for the second round! For example, if you rowed 1K to start the workout, switch to 1.2mi Bike after you get done with your sit ups. This will help you learn how to pace with with multiple stimuli. The squat cleans should be light enough for you to start without hesitation, but 25 reps is a decent amount at that point in the workout, so be smart on how you partition your reps. When you get to that last 500m, it’s an all-out sprint. GO HARD!

Friday 1 December
EMOM for 8 min of:
Dead-stop Deadlift x 2
Work up to 85%

“Half Baked”
Complete reps of 1, 2, 3, 4….10 of each of the following movements for time:
Deadlift 225/155
1 Wall Walk (just 1 each round)

Getting a little heavier on the deadlifts. You have 8 jumps total for the deadlifts so you have a chance to learn what jumps are best for you. Remember, these are dead-stop! Practice keeping double-overhand grip for as long as you can to improve your grip strength.
This WOD should be attacked via a steady pace. The workout doesn’t really start until the 5th/6th round so don’t burn yourself out before then! If you have your handstand walks, practice walking the length of 1 mat each round instead of the wall walks. The wall walks are a great progression tool to improve shoulder stability and strength that will carry over to handstand walks.