Simple Explanations

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Being one who needs things dumbed down as simply as possible, these next few posts were spot on for me.

It's the carbs, not the calories

Omega 6 vs. Omega 3

For the past 2 weeks, I have been incorporating cold / hot contrasts baths post workout.  The results have been excellent.  Muscle soreness has disappeared and each week has provided a new PR.  This quick abstract talks about cold immersion in the fight against tumor growth and the latter link goes more in depth.


Become Bionic

On the subject of cancer, here are some more studies on the effectiveness of a low-carb diet in dealing with tumor growth.

Low Carb slows tumor growth.

You have to have fiber to be healthy, right?  Screw You Fiber!

Finally, from CF Balboa, here are the definitions of terms regarding natural and pastured meat.

Grass Fed Definitions