WODs 9/24-28

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Monday 24 September
TTB warmup
Barbell cycling skills

Running clock
30 power cleans 185/125

immediately into :
3 Rounds
12 Box Jump over
12 PP/PJ 135
12 TTB

This starts off with grunt work, and ends with a sprint. The goal should be a consistent pace on the cleans. Don’t start off too fast. The key to getting through today is efficency. Focus on moving well and you’ll go alot faster.

Tuesday 25 September
Back squat
6-4-2 75-80-85
6-4-2 80-85-90

12 min AMRAP

Big lap


max rds in remaining time

8 Front rack lunges 115/75

8/6 Pullups

This setup warmups the body up into lifting heavier weights. We are trying to train our bodies ability to recruit more muscle fibers faster. This type of training will make yall strong!

For the metcon, the lunges are there to put more load on the posterior chain.  If these bug your knees, try stepping backwards.  Lunge/squat movements combined with pullups produce a big bang for your buck.  85% on the run, then try and move consistently through the rest.

Wednesday 26 September
8 Good mornings pause at bottom
20 Vups or GHD situps

3 Rounds For Time:
400m run
10/10 Dumbbell clean and jerks(hang) (50/35)
12 Ring pushups

The strength portion targets the core as well as loosens up the back after yesterday’s heavy squats. The wod is meant to be low skill, high HR. Hit the first Run at 85%, then speed up on the 2nd if you feel good.

Thursday 27 September
2 Power snatch+2 OHS E90 seconds x 6

40 Bar facing Burpees
30 OHS 115/75
20 Box step ups 50/35 DB
50/35 cal bike

We are gonna spend the first portion of class simply warming up the OHS. The E90 sec will make the squats in the wod easier. The box step ups are no joke. Don’t be afraid to scale this accordingly. They are hard, but we need single leg to fix imbalances!


Friday 28 September
10 Dips
10 Strict Pullups

18 min AMRAP
24 cal Row
8 Deadlift 225/155
40 Double Unders
50m Statue of Liberty carry 50/35

Dips and pullups may not be exciting, but simple stuff like this is really effective at building functional strength. We don’t do a ton of deadlifts in longer AMRAPs. Make sure you focus on keeping solid back position and control your breathing. Pace yourself and get a better score!