WODs 7/22/19-7/26/19

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Saturday August 24 will be our 1st Battle by the bay.  Large teams will be formed to ensure maximum participation and an even playing field.  There will be 3 teams, each captained by a coach.  If you want to sign up, simply put your name on the list.  Its free!  One of the events will be a clean ladder.  As such, we are going to focus on cleans for the next few weeks.


Close grip  or DB bench  3×8
“”Numero Uno””
12 min AMRAP
5/5 DB clean and Jerk 50/35
30 DU
5/5 Single arm Thrusters 1×50/35
30 DU
12 Pushups
30 DU
Bench press done with a close grip is easier on the shoulder and really hits the triceps.  This along with todays metcon will be a big help in developing pressing strength.  Single arm thrusters are a bit awkward.  They involve the obliques a bit more and will help provide spinal stability.  Scale this so you can hold a steady pace.


“2 Power clean+1 Squat clean EMOTMx8 min
“”Curls for the girls””
4 strict pullups
8 Power cleans 155/105
12 Box Jump overs 24/20
50m Front rack carry
We will do more emoths like this to help transition to dropping under the bar.  This will help new people and experienced people alike.  The power cleans should be done in no more than 2 sets for the metcon.


5 Front squats+7 back squats 75% front squatx3 sets
“”Double Header””
75/50cal row
70 Abmat situps
75/50 Cal row
This type of squat setup tends to hit the hamstrings harder.  The front squats fatigue the quads, so you have to use the hips on the back squat.  Bring on the row today.  This wod is low skill, high heart rate, easy on the joints.


“””Run and Gun””
200m run
20 Snatch, 95/65
200m run
20 Push Press, 95/65
200m run
20 Snatch, 135/95
200m run
20 Push Press, 135/95
200m run
snatch anyhow
I want you to scale the weight so you can run hard.  This should not be singles.  Each round in no more than 3 sets for the heavy rounds.


100 DU
9 Bar Mu
15 KBS 70/53
20 goblet squats 70/53
Bar muscle ups.  Only way to get them is consistent practice.  Today is the day.  This is a bit ramped up from the usual.  We’ll work skills during the first half of class to see if we can improve upon where you are at.