Wods 6/17/19-6/21/19

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Back squat 5×5 75%

“The Good Life”
DB front squat 50/35
KBS 70/53
Ring pushups

5×5 at 75% is tough but manageable.  We are gonna do this 3 weeks in a row then test our back squats.  This is meant to be a sprint wod.  Scale the FS so you can get 21 in 1-2 sets.  We want to see you keep moving the whole time.


“Chest hair”
1: Row 15/12
2:4 Bar muscle ups(scale 7 Strict pullups)
3: Bike 15/12
4:15 Abmat situps

This wod is about pacing.  You have to be able to control your breathing to manage your heart rate.  IMO, these are mentally the toughest workouts.  Scale it so you can make it every time with about 90% effort.


Hang Power snatch+Power snatch EMOTMx9 min

“High Heels”
15 min AMRAP
12 DB Lunges 50/35
30 DU
5 Power snatch 95/65-add wt each round until you can’t) score is wt+rds)

The EMOTM complex is here to dial in the bar path.  You decide what jumps to take on the wod.  My suggestion is small jumps and more rounds.  This will give you more repetitions, which will lead to greater technical refinement.


5 Press+3 Push Press 4 sets

“Gut Check”
400m run
20 Ball slams 40/30
20 Wall balls 20/14

The press will fatigue your ams and force you to use your hips on the push press.  The wod is called gut check because you are capable of going unbroken on all of it.  Challenge-pace it so you get negative splits on the runs.


3 Deadlift EMOTMx8 min up to 80-85% no bounce

1-10 DL 225/155
10-1 TTB

Stay engaged on the deadlifts.  Controlling the down will increase time under tension, resulting in greater gainz!  The wod is about transitions.  Use a weight that you consider medium.  That means you should never get to failure.