WODs 4/22/19-4/26/19

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3 min AMRAP
7 Push Press 95/65
7 KBS 70/53
12 Jumping squats
Rest 1 min
3 min Max Cal row
Rest 1 min
3 min AMRAP
7 Push Press 95/65
7 KBS 70/53
12 Jumping squats
Rest 1 min
3 min max cal  Bike
The goal of this wod is to keep intensity higher without form deteriorating.  The key is efficiency on the push press and fast transitions.  The reps should be unbroken everytime.  It should be light weights.  We want full send on the row and bike.  The other just gets your aerobic system fatigued.  The row and bike is where we get better.
2Power clean+FS+clean every 90 secx6 sets 60-80%
10 Front squats 185/125
20 C2B pullups
50 Dbl unders
The EMOTM is meant to develop proficiency in the clean, as well as help us transition to the front squat.  Scale the weight so you can get the 1st set of 10 in a row.  This should feel like Fran.
Muscle up skills
Teams of 2
20 min AMRAP
4 Muscle ups
8 DB snatch 50/35
12 Burpees over DB
8/8 DB PP 50/35
20 Cal bike Row
1 wks 1 rests
The 1:1 work/rest ratio allows you to push hard on each movement not hit muscle failure on the muscle ups.  We are gonna keep hitting higher skill movements in this manner.  Less reps with more transitions gives us more chances to practice the movements without being overly fatigued.
Deadlift 5-4-3-2
“”Diane on the run””
Deadlift 225/155
200m run
Strict HSPU 15-12-9
100m run
We’ve been consistently deadlifting for a few weeks and now its time to get a little heavier.  85% should feel hard but not failure heavy.  The run is in the wod to keep the HR up and allow the shoulders some recovery on the HSPU.
6 Rds
8 OHS 115/75
Front rack carry70/53
8 Goblet squats 70/53
8 Pushups
8 Toes to bar
When our position on OHS improves, we should expect to see a lot of other lifts get better.  This wod should be scaled so every set of OHS can be done unbroken.  That being said, pace it so you can pick it up on rounds 5 and 6.  The key here is movement efficiency, not burning out too fast.