WODS 4/1/19-4/5/19

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Hey  guys. we are going to be focusing on upper body strength as well as technique on bar muscle ups/muscle ups.  You will see these movements as well accessories to improve upper body strength more often.  For our lift, we are going to be focusing on power cleans.  You’ll see complexes, emotms, as well as % work on deadlift.  As summer is coming, we’ll also be working on aerobic capacity as well as core strength to get in bathing suit shape


Bar Muscle up skills
“Sugar Rush”
15 min AMRAP
3 Bar Muscle ups
30 DU
10 Goblet squats 70/53
30 DU
The bar muscle ups are here in a small number so that you can work on the skill of connecting them.  This is a pacing wod.  Set a pace you could have a labored conversation for the 1st half, if you feel good, then pick it up.
Snatch pull+snatch EMOTMx10 min
“Super Glue”
500m row
15 power snatch 75/55
15 slam balls 40/30
We will work technique in the snatch EMOTM.  Advanced folks, start around 70% and go up as technique allows.  Newer folks, this is a great time to work on improving the movement.  The wod is meant to be a sprint.  It should feel like a max effort mile run.  Hit round 1 at 85-90%, hang on on round 2, and then empty the tank on rd 3.

15 GHD situps
10 pullups
Front rack lunges 115/75
Ring pushups
GHD situps and pullups are accessory movements that not only make us stronger, but help all sorts of other movements.  If you want a six pack for summer, or want to dominate at burpees, GHD situps are the way to go.  The wod is meant to be a blend of cardio and muscle endurance.  Upper body strength is something we all have to work on.  Time to bring out the cobras!
“2 is Company”
Teams of 2
1 person works 1 rests, carry is together
18 min AMRAP
15/12 cal Bike/Row
12 KBS 70/53
8 Toes to bar
50m Front rack carry
1:1 work rest ratio is a tried and true way to develop endurance.  Make your partner work!  We want short bursts of work followed by short rests.  We want everything as close to unbroken as possible in order to tax the aerobic system accordingly.
“””Macho Mile””
400m run
3 power cleans+3 Front squats+3 Push Jerks 135/95  Rx+155/105=1rd of Macho Man
This right here is CrossFit.    If the wod has a pro wrestler in the name, you can pretty much count on it getting real.  This is all about moving loads repeatedly when tired.  Scale the weight to a load you can do 1 round without letting go.  The intent is for the load to challenge the run.  You should be at a weight that you can push it on the run.