Wods 12/18-12/22

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*Announcement* Great job everyone on the CrossFit Total this past week, we saw some huge PR’s after this last cycle! These next two weeks are focused on transitioning our bodies from 1 Rep Maxes to more conditioning. We begin our CrossFit Open Prep cycle after these transition weeks so be ready!

Monday 18 December
EMOM for 7 min:
1 Power Clean + 3 Push Jerk

“That’s so Fetch”
Complete the following for time:
Buy-In – 800m Run
2 Rounds of:
20 cal Row
20 Push Jerks 115/75
Cash-Out – 800m Run

We start the class with an EMOM focused on Push Jerks. The warm up will include review and practice of the technique before getting into it. Work up to a moderate to heavy weight, but don’t compromise technique. Form is the goal here.

The MetCon is 2 rounds of a quick couplet of Rowing and Push Jerks, sandwiched by 2 not so quick Runs. I recommend taking that first Run at a moderate pace, getting started with the Row as soon as you get back. Bring the intensity on those two rounds and try to hang onto that barbell for the Push Jerks; 20 is a lot of reps but try to finish it in as few sets as possible. The last 800m Run is meant to be an all-out effort. Get started on the run right away. If you need, take that first 400m at a moderate pace to bring yourself back mentally then hit that last 400m HARD.

Tuesday 19 December
5 Sets of:
Front Squat x 2 @ 80% @ 32X1

“Is Butter a Carb?”
Complete the following reps of each movement for time:
Front Squat 155/105
Box Jump Overs 24/20

Today we start with Tempo Front Squats. Tempo Front Squats are great for improving core strength/stability and quad strength. If you are one of those athletes who can get under a Clean but have trouble standing it up, then Tempo Front Squats should be on your list of mandatory lifts.

The MetCon is set at a moderate time domain, meaning it’s not short (3-7 min) and it’s not long (20min+). The Front Squats will be challenging especially after the Box Jump Overs but once you get to the round of 9 reps, it should be all downhill. Your quads and core will be taxed on this one. Once you get done, jump on a Bike and go light for 3-5 minutes to flush the excess lactate and waste products out of your legs. Scale the weight for the Front Squat accordingly, but if you are able to do the Rx weight for at least 5-7 reps, this is the time to challenge yourself.

Wednesday 20 December
3 Rounds of:
10 cal Bike
7-10 Chin Ups
20 sec L-sit Hang (Accumulated if necessary)

Front Rack Mobility

“She Doesn’t even go here”
3 Rounds of:
500m Row
7 Hang Power Cleans 135/95
12 Ball Slams 40/30
2 Rope Climbs

Changing it up for the strength portion today. The focus is Chin Ups and the L-sit Hang but we decided to throw in some Biking in there to make it a little more fun. If 10 Chin Ups is easy for you, please add weights. The Chin Ups are supinated grip, meaning that your palms are facing you when you grab the bar. Ideally, do your L-sit Hang with a supinated grip as well. If you can go straight from the Chin Ups to the Hang, then do so. If you are unable to hold the L-sit Hang for the full 20 sec, take a rest and get back in the hold again until you accumulate 20 sec.

The MetCon tests a couple energy systems and skills. Aim for about a 15 minute completion time on this workout. This may be aggressive for some of you but we want you to keep the intensity high and practice short transitions between movements. For the Hang Power Cleans, try to hit these unbroken or in 2 sets if necessary. With the Open cycle coming up we will be seeing more opportunities to cycle the barbell so this will be a good baseline test.

Thursday 21 December
EMOM for 7 min:
Deadlift x 2 @ build to 75%

“Whatever I’m Getting Cheese Fries”
AMRAP in 3 min:
20 cal Bike/Row
7 Deadlifts 245/165
7 Ring Dips
Max Reps of Double Unders
-Rest 1 min-
*Repeat for a total of 4 Rounds

The EMOM today is mostly a primer for the MetCon. Focus on good body positions throughout the movement. Don’t go too heavy on this, not every strength portion is designed to go as heavy as you can. Since we’re not going too heavy today, practice your double overhand grip (no hook grip) to strengthen your forearms. This will have huge carryover into other movements like Rope Climbs and Toes-to-Bars.

We have 4 rounds of quick 3 minute AMRAPs following the Deadlifts. 20 cal on the Bike/Row will be a lot for some of you but you need to hit it hard right from the start in order to have enough time to get to the Double Unders. Intensity will be high and breathing will be tough but push through. On movements like the Deadlift and Ring Dips you have the opportunity to focus on syncing your movement to your breath so take advantage of that. Then all out on the Double Unders until time is called. Remember, oxygen = energy!

Friday 22 December
5 Sets of:
Overhead Squats x 2 @ 32X1
Build over the 5 sets

“CFC Conditioning Test”
EMOM until failure of:
1 Thruster 95/65
2 Burpees
3 Thrusters 95/65
4 Burpees…..

Starting off the Friday with some Tempo Overhead Squats! The tempo will improve core and shoulder stability while teaching you control with weight overhead. Like the Tempo Front Squats, if you struggle with standing the weight up from the bottom of a Snatch, then Tempo Overhead Squats will be your saving grace. You will learn to keep your core tight at the bottom of the overhead squat and train your central nervous system to activate the appropriate muscle groups quickly, helping you stand the weight up.

What kind of week would it be at CrossFit without some good ol’ Thrusters? Today those come in the form of the CrossFit Coronado Conditioning Test. A long standing test at CFC, this WOD is a great indicator of progress in overall conditioning. Progress in conditioning can be separated into 2 general time-sensitive categories. The first category is the short-to-mid term progress. Within a few weeks to a few months, you will see increased efficiency in movements due to improvements in technique and physiological changes such as how quickly your brain can signal a specific muscle group to activate. You will also see improvements in strength due to increases in muscle density and muscle hypertrophy (fancy way to say muscle size AKA swollness level). The second category is the long term progress. After months of consistent and hard work, your body will improve your aerobic capacity. This, like the efficiency of movements, happens from a combination of different things. Increased count and activity of mitochondria in your muscles (the power plant of your muscle), increased circulatory system functions (heart works more efficientyly), increases in red blood cell count (which transport oxygen around your body) are just a few examples.