WODs 11/6-10

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Monday 6 November

Pistol Skills

3 Sets of:
Back Squat x 10 @ 65-70%

“Frantastic Beasts”
For time, complete reps of:
DB Thrusters 45/25

Post WOD
Roll VMO (inside of quad)

The pistol progressions will help build ankle mobility and stability which will help improve your position in the back squat. The wod should be scale so that round 1 is done as close to unbroken as possible. We’ll go over some tricks of the trade to hopefully not make burpees suck as much. This is meant to be short and intense with the idea of approacing anaerobic threshold. It should feel like fran.

Tuesday 7 November
EMOM for 8 min:
Power Snatch x 2
start @ 50% and go up by feel

“Snatch Me if You Can”
In Teams of 2, complete for time:
200m Run
30 Snatch 95/65
10 Bar Muscle Ups/Strict Chin Ups
200m Run
30 Snatch 115/75
8 Bar Muscle ups
200m Run
30 Snatch 135/95
6 Bar Muscle Ups
200m Run
30 Snatch 155/105
4 Bar Muscle ups

Post WOD
Roll Lats

Barbell Skills

We will warmup the power snatch in the EMOTM the goal is to focus on keeping the bar tight and getting full hip extension. Don’t go for a PR, make it look pretty. The runs are done together but the other movements are broken up however you want. Don’t go to failure, go until you slow down. This wod maximizes intensity with good form due to the rest intervals. We are going to scale bar muscle ups with chinups. These will help develop the bicep strength to stabilize the shoulder and elbow during higher demand gymnastics moves.

Wednesday 8 November
3 Sets of:
DB Strict Press x 8
Bulgarian Split Squats x 8/8
Rest 90 sec

“Good Will Lunging”
3 Rounds of:
AMRAP in 5 min, 2 min rest
8 DB Front Rack Lunges 45/25
8 Ring Push Ups
8 Toes to Bar
8 Burpees
*start each round where you left off in previous round

Post WOD
Roll Glutes
Banded Lat Stretch

Unilateral work is important for creating balance. Today is all about stability. The strength and the metcon both target shoulder and hip stability which help keep you safe and making progress on the more exciting movements. Case and point, if your glutes are weak, and we don’t isolate them, they will always stay the weak point.

Thursday 9 November
3 Sets of:
Turkish Get-Ups x 5/5
GHD Situps x 15

Rowing Technique
Rope Climb Skills

“Episode 4: A New Rope”
For time, complete reps of:
Cals Row/Bike
Wall Balls 20/14
*Class will be split in half. Every odd minute one half does 1 rope climb, every even minute the remainder of the class does 1 rope climb. Rope climb must be completed before continuing with the workout.

Post WOD
Couch Stretch

Today’s strength work is focused on the core. The TGU strengthen the obliques, which are often overlooked. The play a huge role in trunk stability during everyday life. Today’s wod is going to force you to dig deep. The biggest gains from CrossFit are between the ears. The rope climb is there to make you row hard. Strategy for this is to attack round 1 and 2. Once you get to round 3, its all down hill.

Friday 10 November

Veteran’s Day (observed) schedule.  Class at 09:00 ONLY.