WODs 1/28/19-2/1/19

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Part A
4 rounds:
21 double KB snatch (2 x 53/35)
15 chest-to-bar pull-ups
9 handstand push-ups
straight into…
Part B
50 dumbbell box step overs (2 x 50/35, 24/20)

Part A
4 rounds:
21 dumbbell snatch (50/35)
15 dumbbell push press (2 x 40/25)
9 pull-ups
straight into…
Part B
50 dumbbell box step overs (2 x 40/25, 24/20)


There is a decent group of folks competing in the Swolemate Showdown the following week over at Outlier.  This is the first event and a great test of work capacity.  We will spend some time drilling progressions of the gymnastics  movements as well as how to efficiently do box step overs.  If you aren’t comfortable stepping over, you can go up and down.


5 Deadlift 75% deadstop+8 heavy KB squats rest 2 minx4


400m run

15 Ball slams 40/30
12 Ring Dips
Deadlifts+heavy goblet squats are a great way to build core strength and improve both lifts.  We are gonna do a setup like this for 3 weeks in a row and see how it affects both lifts-we will test our 5rm DL the week of Feb 18.  We want constant motion on the wod.  Scale so you can do the dips in no more than 2 sets


OHS 5×3 32×1

OHS 115/75
Row/BIke 4-8-16-20

In order to be strong, you must first be coordinated.  Moving slowly(3 sec down, 2 sec hold) forces you to train the entire range of motion as well as increases the time under tension.  This leads to better movement and more strength gains.  Go getem on this wod.  The rep scheme is small enough to allow you to sprint.  We want this to be as close to unbroken as possible.


2 power cleans EMOTMx6

“The Chief”

5 rds
3 min AMRAP
3 Power cleans 135/95
6 Pushups
9 Air squats
rest 1 min

The EMOTM is meant to dial in power cleans prewod.  If you’re more experienced, you can work up to 75-80%, if not, use it as a chance to move better.  We want this wod to be unbroken for 3 min.  Its a short time frame, so if your resting, we need to scale.


Bar Muscle up skills!

(snatch anyhow)
15 hang snatch 75/55
50 DU
3 Bar MU
12 Hang snatch 95/65
50 DU
3 Bar MU
9 Hang snatch 115/75
50 DU
3 Bar MU
6 Hang snatch 135/95
50 DU
3 Bar MU

*Scale with strict pullups, banded or jumping bar MU
Wods like this will show up in the open.  The goal is quick transitions with a consistent pace.  If you aren’t comfortable adding weight, don’t.  You’ll get a great wod keeping the weight the same.  Starting off a bit slower on a wod like this will likely result in you finishing faster.  Don’t be afraid to scale the reps on bar Mu.  I’d rather you do 1/rd if your capable rather than none at all.