Wod 8/25/19-8/29/19

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Great work on Battle by the Bay Everyone!  It was a great comp and Team   came out on top.

We are going to continue with more weighted single leg movements as well as put in some tempo work to improve the bottom position of our squats.  We’ve been alternating power cleans/Deadlifts every week and will continue to do so until the CrossFit Total September 9.


Front rack lunges
3×10/10 50-60% front squat

“Swole Cycle”

12 min AMRAP
10 DB hang squat cleans 50/35
100m run
10 Pullups
100m run
10 Push ups
100m run


“Good Time”

20 min AMRAP
Row 500m
12 Power snatch 115/75
sandbag or Dball carry 50m
Row 500m
12 Power snatch 135/95
sandbag/Dball carry 50m
Row 500m
12 Power snatch 155/105
Sandbag or Dball carry
Max cal in time remaining



Tempo Front squats 32X1

Teams or 2
Open wod 17.1…2.0

DB snatch 50/35
20 Burpee box Jump overs 24/20



18 min AMRAP

“Hangin Out”

7 Hang power clean 135/95
2 Rope climbs
7 Hang power cleans
4 Muscle ups
7 Hang poer cleans
10 Toes to bar
7 hang power cleans
10 step ups 2×50/35
7 Hang power cleans
50m SOL carry 50/35


3 Deadlift EMOTMx7 min up to or slightly heavier than wod wt.

CrossFit Linchpin Test 3

3 Rounds for time of:
21 Wallballs 20/14
14 Handstand Push-ups
7 Deadlifts 315/205