Please vote on new shirt designs and a zip up hoodie

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We have been toying around with new shirt ideas and want input from our members.  We are planning to have a fourth of July shirt out in time for everyone to represent during Coronado’s most celebrated holiday!  We also have two samples for a new shirt with our logo and a zip up hoodie sample.  Please comment below with the number (patriotic shirt) and letter (fireball shirt) that you like the best.  Also, please indicate tank or t-shirt.  We may have options for both but want to know where the majority interest is.  These shirts will likely not be stocked at CFC.  We will have them available for pre-order soon so please stay tuned if you’re interested.  On the hoodie, please let us know what color sweatshirt you think would be best.  Considering a slate blue color with white writing but that is up for negotiation.  Commenting below does not mean you’re ordering a shirt, it just means you’re helping us decided which one we take to print.  Thanks for your input!

July 4th Shirtfireball shirtZip up hoodie