Getting Caught Up

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I'm trying to get caught up on things that I have been meaning to post, so here they come.

A former teammate of mine, and a friend to some of us who have been around Coronado for awhile, succumbed to cancer recently.  He was a father, husband, and a pipehitter.  Right after I found out, a few different articles popped up regarding cancer and nutrition.  Interesting reads.

Robb Wolf » Cancer & Ketosis
Will The Blogosphere Cure Cancer?
Cancer's Sweet Tooth

On a brighter note, a couple of different items came up this week.  This morning the subject of working out in a fasted state was talked about.  Here is a good article on the subject.

Sprints suck but they work.   More 4 x 400 repeats?

It has been a month since holiday break.  That means you should be back into a eating and exercising routine.  Now is a good time to break out the scale and weigh your portions or read the labels.  If you want to cut weight, cut back on the carbohydrates.  They are hidden in a lot of foods or there are more in the food then you think.  One way to check yourself is to enter everything you eat for a day or two on FITDAY .

Finally, this article is killer.  The bottom line is to QUESTION EVERYTHING.