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Front squat 3×6 80%




10 Front squats 155/105
10 pull ups
10 bar facing burpees

roll quads/low
Focus on driving up against the bar with the whole hand. This is called an active rack. You can front squat a lot more for reps this way. The WOD is a burner. It is designed to max out the glycolytic energy system and should feel sort of like Fran. Us weights that can be done unbroken.



Power Clean & Jerk 6×3


“Penalty Grace”

30 Clean and Jerks for time*
*top of every minute 4 box jump overs 24/20

Work on cycling the reps effeciently on the EMOTM. Don’t try to PR, Get to 70-80%. The key to oly lifts is always trying to make them look pretty. The box jump overs are there to encourage people to bring it on the CJ. Get as many as you can that first minute and then try and hang on!



Deadlift 3
EMOM x8 min


Teams of 2

18 min AMRAP

“1200m run
24 Russian Kettlebell Swings 70/53
24 Goblet squats
24 Goblet lunges
24 True push ups
6 rope climbs”

Work up to 80% on the deadlift. Today is meant to be more aerobic without a ton of volume. If it were me, I’d break everything in half to keep the pace fast. The goblet squats and lunges are meant to complement the deadlifts.


5/5 windmills
7-10 strict pullups
Superset w/ 15 V-ups x4
TTB skills if time permits

20 min AMRAP

15/12 cal row
12 Dumbbell push press 45/25
12 Toes to Bar
2 wall walks

Going long today. This workout is all about pacing. You want to start out a bit slower than you might need to and then pick it up if you are feeling good.



EMOM x 4 min -Hang Snatch 3
EMOM x 4 min- Hang Snatch 2
EMOMx4 min Hang snatch 1


4 rounds for time

5 hang squat snatch 60%
25 wall balls 20/14
50 double unders

We program hang snatch to drill pulling fast under the bar. It also doesn’t tax the lower back. Don’t go heavier in the WOD than weight you can move fast. 60% should allow unbroken sets. And what would a week be without Dbl unders:)