I want to thank Clint and Kim for what they have done for my son. This CrossFit has an afternoon teen work out that my son has been going to for a year now.

A little history… My son is special needs. Asperger’s syndrome and bipolar disorder. He has tried a few sports and activities in the past, but nothing seemed to work. He would get left behind or angry or…both!  He would either quit or be asked to leave. He was physically unfit and immature.

And then we discovered CrossFit. For the first time ever my son is having fun working out and being pushed. The staff seems to really understand him and how to get him outside his comfort zone.  He leaves the gym both sweat drenched and smiling.  I can’t ask for anything more.

I will end with two stories. The first happened a few months ago.  I live on the first floor of an apartment building.  I told my son he needed to climb the fence that borders our balcony. I wasn’t sure if he could do it. He JUMPED over it!  I was shocked beyond words. He shrugged and said “CrossFit”.   The second was when my son got “injured” at CrossFit. He’s always been a bit of a hypochondriac. That tendency finally reared its head at CrossFit. The staff was very proactive in taking care of him and stopped his workout as soon as there was any threat of injury. They contacted me and were diligent in making sure everything was fine.  Honestly they went well beyond what I would have expected from a gym.  I can’t recommend it high enough.  Again…thank you Clint and Kim!


Want to find out how hard you can really push yourself? Then come here!

It’s kind of a love/hate relationship but once you “drink the koolaid” you’re pretty much addicted. I’ve never sweat so much, been so sore, or so winded in my life! My first couple times there, I kept thinking, “This is what those people on The Biggest Loser must feel like!” I’m in my second month and I feel myself starting to get stronger and healthier – it’s a great feeling!

The trainers are wonderful – very personable, professional, and caring.

One piece of advice: either show up really in shape or really humble. (I was the latter).



“I was working in Nepal recently and as I was slogging up to Annapurna Base Camp at 4’000+ meters I had an old familiar feeling: it was Fight Gone Bad. I was nearing The Threshold…as though muscles and lungs were maxed out.

At that moment I realized that – even with my heart rate red-lining due to incline and altitude – I was in great condition! I just throttled back 15 percent and kept moving strong for hours. It sounds idiotic but I was surprised.

So, I wanted to thank the trainers and other Crossfitters for the great training and support I received before this sortie.

This stuff works. 

“Sometimes you drink the Kool-Aid and sometimes it drinks you”. 

That phrase came in to my head during the 6th day of max effort and while I am convinced it is due to hypoxia it became a mantra. I have no idea what it means except that if you are going to engage in activities like this there is no substitute for the arduous, full body training that Crossfit provides.

Thanks again and I will see you in the gym when I get home again.”


To all you fitters…thank you for everything! For you friendships, your motivation, pushing me harder, and making me feel so welcome. I miss you guys already! I firmly believe that I won’t find another gym like this one. And to the trainers, thanks for kicking my butt everyday and making me stronger!!



I really like this place! I have joined and quit more gyms in the last 25 years than I care to admit, but this is different. There is a trainer for every single workout to encourage, inspire, correct, push, and demand of you! On my own I am not disciplined to push myself (truthfully regarding working out  I have not been disciplined at all). I am very grateful that I did not know anything about Crossfit when I showed up on a Saturday to try out the free introductory class. I was so out of shape I threw up and continued to heave for nearly 2 hours. A very fit woman close in age came up to me and said “don’t give up, just show up” and so I did. I kept coming back with my tennis shoes on and my water bottle in hand, making very little eye contact with the supremely carved, disciplined others with whom I was working out next to. I would often think they must be asking themselves, did this lady get confused and think she was joining lawn bowling or speed walking or…? Well,  I still show up fighting fear and leave feeling proud of myself, even… if I come in last. I sweat so much I always look like someone poured a bucket of water on my head. The reality is the people who work out at CFC are all getting their butt kicked with the same work out but modified to the individual and are very encouraging to one another. We all have different needs and  goals, I might work out next to a Navy SEAL or a triathlete, but for me, I will be grateful to be able to keep hiking the high elevations in Tahoe’s desolation wilderness and continue skiing black diamonds.  In a little over a year,  I will be 50. Bring it!!!!



“You guys have an EXCELLENT gym and the instruction there is top-notch!  It was nice to see consistency in the level of instruction between all three trainers.  Also, was impressed by your ability to jump rope in UGGS and jeans, I even told my wife about that! 

I most definately will stop in next-time I am out there!”



Dear Crossfit Coronado Family,

There have been so many changes in the person that I am both physically and mentally from the person that I was a year ago.  I want to thank everyone at Crossfit Coronado for helping me accomplish my goals for myself!

I first saw your gym while parked at Boney’s to buy what I thought was “healthy” food at the time.  Yet, being 200lbs., unhappy, and tired all the time, I wasn’t healthy.  That day, I found myself sitting in the car feeling really crappy about myself hating my body and how I felt.  Geeze, that is no way to live!  I kid you not, like God shined a beacon of light, I saw your sign for the gym in the alley and it hit me, I needed to change something!  You have probably heard this before from many clients about how intimidated they were at first when joining and I can tell you I was no different.  I remember Josh dropping me off for the intro class and I was sweating before I even started working out and seeing everyone working hard and looking good….I was having second thoughts, Josh literally had to drag me down the alley to get me to go!  I was pretty sure I was going to have an anxiety attack right then and there! However, after starting the class with Clint and the others I realized that no one was going to tell me I’m to fat or out of shape to do this!  I remember pretty much wanting to die during that first workout but Clint and the others kept encouraging me and it kept me going!  After finishing, instead of hating it wanting to leave and never look back, a strange endorphin affect came over me and I felt awesome mentally, I LOVED it!  And now a year later I STILL love it!

I can’t begin to tell you all how thankful I am for what you have helped me accomplish.  I have never once felt as though I didn’t belong here!  Kim, Clint, and all the trainers you have created an environment in your gym that is warm, accepting, and encouraging.  You challenge, push, and expect more in such a way that keeps people improving!  I love how there is such a diverse group of people in class from all ages, body types, and athletic abilities.  It just goes to show the top notch abilities you all have to train!

I am proud of the changes and improvements in myself over the year with the help from you all!  I lost a total of 40lbs, 4 pant sizes, and I am healthier inside and out than I have ever been.  I’m doing things that I NEVER thought I would do and after I have this baby I will achieve my pull up goal!  I have adopted the “Paleo” “Primal” diet for myself and family!  We are happy as a family unit and it is such a wonderful feeling to enjoy eating healthy foods as well as working out together!

Clint and Stuart, you guys have helped me gain confidence in myself, that yes I can do things, I am strong, and I can go bigger and heavier!  Mike, you are always so warm and welcoming to me and to Wesley, you helped me so much with your words of encouragement and training especially in reaching my goal of 70 snatches in the Crossfit Open WOD. I also can’t forget the amazing nutrition advice you have given!  Your mobility training is awesome, I remember the first time I sat on the lacrosse ball and it hurt like heck (I wanted to cry) but it truly helped me in my lower back pain and hips!   Kim, thank you for pushing me in the bike WODs you made them fun when I didn’t feel like they were at the time, and your friendship, helpfulness, and kindness has meant so much to me!

I have gained health, fitness, and friendship, thank you all for accepting me and my family into your Crossfit Coronado Family!

Much love for you all,


I didn’t get a chance to say good bye and thank you!  I loved, loved, loved my time at Cross Fit Coronado.  I can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner.  Please tell the trainers that I really appreciated their smiling faces and motivating voices at 6am.  Although I only had 3 and 1/2 weeks I know that I am much stronger and you truly saved my vacation eating habits from making me outgrow all of my clothes.  Today’s “Fight Gone Bad” was so hard but I loved it.  It has been over a year since I have been truly motivated and not just going through the paces of working out.  Now more than ever I wished we lived there year round not just 2 months of the year.

As I drove home from the airport my car thermometer read 117 degrees so enjoy the paradise of Coronado and I hope to be back next year.



A love letter to CrossFit Coronado April 30, 2009

Dear CrossFit Coronado,

March 17, 2009 marked my first anniversary of being a CrossFit member. These last few months I have been thinking about how important this past year has been to me.
At age 52, one looks ahead with a frightening thought: 62 is just ten years away. Just saying sixty-something seems unreal. Ten years ago seems like last year in many respects. After all, I am a Coronado kid, still surrounded by a town full of memories of my friends and me cruising on our bikes on a summer day. I sometimes can’t believe I am in my fifties!
Due to good fortune and some hard work, my personal and professional lives have kept me very active. I garden a lot, have been both a walker and a swimmer at times in my life, and enjoy sailing, but never have I considered myself athletic. Being a Coronado wife, mom, teacher, daughter, sister, and friend has ensured my active life. How lucky I am to have the opportunities I have and to love and help the people around me. I am very much a caretaker in all aspects of my life and I wouldn’t change that for a second. When it came to regular, sustained exercise, however, I put the needs of others first. Often at the end of a long and demanding day at school and family errands, I would flop on the couch for a cat nap, counting on that brief few minutes to reenergize. It usually worked, enough so that I could rally on until bedtime. I have also been blessed with excellent health, but some of my family members have not been so lucky. My younger sister is a two-time cancer survivor (leukemia and colon cancer), and I lost my father to leukemia in 2002. My maternal grandmother suffered from congestive heart failure, and the list goes on. Serious thinking about one’s own health and mortality does creep into your brain from time to time.
Early last year, my son Danny informed us of his joining “this new gym–CrossFit” in town, and shortly afterwards, my colleague and friend, Tamra, mentioned the same thing. In the matter of a few short months, I watched both my son and my friend (who are as physically different as two people can be) transform themselves in physique and attitude regarding fitness. Danny was already in great shape and was born an athlete, but even after the first two months, his overall fitness zoomed to new levels. At work I heard of the daily challenges and joys Tamra experienced—Tamra being a very petite woman and someone whom you might not expect to be strong. But how fit she got and so fast! I got to thinking about how CrossFit was meeting the needs of two very different people, and maybe the trainers there could help me.
I have to say that my first visit to CrossFit was terrifying. I felt so intimidated by the exercises I observed the participants enduring —most of them way younger than I. This was too hard! They were lifting heavy weights! They were sweating profusely! The trainers were Navy SEALS! Ack! I had never even done anything close to this! This was not even remotely in my league. I would have to think of something else. I almost left.
But then, Steve saw my daughter, Melanie, and me in the alley that Saturday morning, tentatively standing there, feeling curious but also out of place. Steve, you could have been thinking about why this obviously out-of-shape middle-aged woman was there. But it didn’t show in the least. You took a good 30 minutes to talk to us about your gym, the CrossFit philosophy, how it all would work, and how this could make a huge difference for us. I was so unsure of you and myself, but so wanted something new that could make a difference for my overall health. And then you said something to me that stuck: “Don’t overthink this. Just show up. Get your shoes on, grab your water bottle, and get here. We will take care of you. We won’t let you get hurt. It will make a difference and you can do this.” Some of the best words I have ever heard.
So now, nearly 14 months later, I am still the oldest woman in your gym. I did grab my shoes and water bottle, left any attitude about appearance, age, fitness, or self-doubt back in the car, and showed up. From the first basic movements course with you, Andy, you had the right balance of challenging me, but making sure I wouldn’t get hurt, the right amount of teaching, coaching, and encouragement. And now I keep showing up. I can’t believe myself sometimes. Today I actually can lift heavy weights, run up to a couple of miles without dying, and I don’t cringe at the workout on the whiteboard, which includes all kinds of crazy things. I can do about 10 real guy-pushups (lots and lots of knee push-ups)!!! I have fitness goals! I have muscles! For the first time in my life, I can’t wait to go to the gym. I have consistently attended on average three to four times a week these 14 months and would like it to be more frequent. My overall level of fitness is better than it has ever been in my life and it just keeps getting better. Sure, the progress is slow and grows in tiny increments, but the progress is there. CrossFit is incredibly hard work, but like the saying goes, “If I can do it, so can anyone.” My overall strength, stamina, energy, muscle tone, and flexibility are markedly improved and the benefits for reducing stress are definitely there.
There is a formula and a psychology you have at CrossFit Coronado as to why this works for me and for others, too. I love change. Your work outs are different every day. I am never bored. I have received positive feedback, assistance, and attention every single time I work out from your excellent, caring, and knowledgeable trainers. Who wouldn’t want to work for that! I love the other members, but especially working out with my “twenty-somethings” daughter and son. Watching their progress is a wonderful thing for a mom, and I hope I have inspired them that it is never too late to take on something new and out of your comfort zone.
The pride I feel is tops. Thank you Steve and Andy, Mike and Ben, Jamie and Kelly and everyone else! Your vision and leadership have built a supportive community of people from many careers, backgrounds, and lifestyles. I have new friends who help me and I help them. High moral values, strong work ethic, teamwork, and respect for others are evident in each of you, and are much admired and appreciated. And you expect me to come, so I come.
I really think that March 17, 2008 was one of the luckiest days of my life.



From weakness to strength.

I started CrossFit when I was 44 years old. A little background. I was about 8 months post surgery for a spinal fusion. For a year before that, I could barely walk much less work out. When I got the green light from my Doc to resume activity I was in about as bad of shape as a body can be. The joke was, I didn’t sit in the chair, I oozed into it.

Then I found CrossFit Coronado. Being older and really out of shape, I was pretty intimidated at first, but also excited. These guys knew what they were doing, really walk the talk and were very warm. They made me feel like a part of the group right away.
I was impressed with how they could push me to the brink while keeping me safe. And how the group worked as a team encouraging each other, (I had never seen that before at any gym), REALLY motivating, and to me, the workouts are fun! (in a twisted sort of way) ;}
Since I couldn’t do most of the workouts as prescribed they gave me modifications “Everything is scalable, so no worries” they told me. It worked. My strength increased significantly, my endurance is better, recovery time is shorter, fat has been replaced by muscle, and I don’t ooze into the chair anymore! I still have a long ways to go, but I can’t wait to see where I will be in another year!!

From struggling to carry groceries to doing Murph (1 Mile run, 100 Pull ups, 200 Push ups, 300 Squats, 1 Mile Run) is nothing short of a miracle.

-CFC, You guys are the best!


“I decided to try Crossfit as an outlet from the demands of my life as a working mother of 2 small children, married, assisting aging parents, and in a career that can be emotionally taxing. CFC has not only given me what I pursued, but also as a middle aged woman, I am physically stronger than I have ever been in my life. I could not achieve such physical & mental accomplishments that I get from the WODs without the comradery of the group classes and coaches. The strength I am building has empowered me and carried over to other areas of my life which I greatly appreciate and value particularly during uncertain times.”- Anonymous


A Story of Revival:

I used to weigh 120lbs at 5’10. My daily diet consisted of Redbulls & Vodka, protein bars, cigarettes & diet pills. I would work 5 days a week, on my feet all day in heels as a cocktail waitress, then go hit up globo-gym for two hours a day, then party all night. My arms looked like little chicken wings and I was basically boobs on a stick. When I would go shopping I would buy size x-small and at 5’10 that’s not O.K.There was a lot of pressure to be thin from the environment I was in. Needless to say I used to have a very unhealthy lifestyle and poor body image like so many women do. So I decided to take myself out of that environment and start all over again, mind you I’m not in my 20’s anymore. After an abusive marriage I was now finally divorced and was on my way to my new found freedom the only problem was I didn’t recognize who I was seeing in front of me I was now overweight (no more diet pills= less energy to workout for 2hrs a day= I’m hungry all the time & feel miserable) So not only was I not looking good but more importantly I was not feeling good. I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and get my fat, depressed butt into the gym. I promised myself I was going to be in better shape in my 30’s than I ever was in my 20’s. I was really intimidated to go into CrossFit Coronado and work out with all those hardcore CrossFitters, but my friend Amanda finally convinced me so I went in on a Saturday and got my ass handed to me, I had never experienced such pain, but somehow magically afterward I felt amazing. I was addicted. I really had serious doubts about my abilities but if CrossFit Coronado has taught me anything its that I should never doubt my limitations. I noticed a transformation within myself and my family and closest friends noticed it to, I was no longer walking around with my head down or with a chip on my shoulder. I walked around with new vigor and just saw things differently. My eating habits changed for the better doing the Zone diet. Now I’m not sure if it was all the endorphins I was getting after these amazing workouts or that I could identify with who I was again or that I liked what I saw in the mirror but CrossFit Coronado has me high on life & has really rocked my world. So I just want to say to anybody that’s out there on the fence or a maybe just a little shy, give it a try and let CrossFit change your life like it has mine. -Anonymous


CrossFit in Real Life:

Lissy and I were lucky enough to be invited to ski with friends in Switzerland. Not a common occurrence for us (needless to say), and we quickly responded in the affirmative. When we got on the slopes, we both noticed quite a difference from the usual transition from daily life to a ski vacation. There was none of the usual, stop/start, out of breath; I’m too sore kind of stuff. Instead, we skied circles around everyone else and hardly tired at all. It was quite impressive and certainly testament to our CrossFit training getting us ready for a completely different activity.

One day, about midday, Lissy dropped a glove off of the chairlift in an area closed to skiers. When I learned of this at the top, I gamely volunteered to retrieve it. After all, I am the powder hound and this looked to be a chance for some freshies and to save the day, all at once. Our local Swiss guide encouraged me to try, so I judged the right spot to leave the trail and headed off through the knees to thighs powder.

At this point it may be important to mention that Swiss skiing (prob European skiing) is not nearly as well marked, sanitized and otherwise, prepared as the slopes in the US. Rocks and obstacles tend to lurk below the surface, and trails are not nearly as well marked.

In any case, like any off piste neophyte, I almost immediately took a wrong turn, and ended up in a gully well to the left and nowhere near the glove (which now has dual citizenship). I ended up in waist deep powder, on a small hill looking down on a stream peaking out of the snow immediately below me, and with a hill to climb, whichever way I was to make my escape. Fortunately my cell phone worked and I called the group to establish my position in case of real disaster. As it was, they couldn’t figure out my position, so the only option was to climb out of there. I left my skis on (to avoid sinking even deeper) and slowly and carefully made my way over the snow covering the stream and up the hill (waist deep and more) towards where I knew the trail and the lift was. The CrossFit came in as confidence to make the climb, which I did easily, the fitness to accomplish the task, and my stored up reserves which made me physically and mentally fresh for the task. It was actually pretty scary because I am not a veteran of such situations and don’t know how likely it would have been for the snow to give way overlying the stream. Fortunately it did not, and fortunately I felt strong and minimized the time spent negotiating that section.

I learned alot (it was only a glove) about such situations and how quickly one can feel isolated and in a pickle. I would like to think crossfit made a difference in my overall functional fitness making the hike much more manageable. Next time, I think I’ll take an experienced buddy if I contemplate a backcountry ski experience.

Best, TBR