Mobility is integrated into all of our classes at CrossFit Coronado.  We do mobility nights throughout the year where we spend a full hour on focused mobility.

If you are ever sore, tight, hate your posture, feel like your range of motion is inhibiting your Crossfit potential or you just want to feel better in everyday life then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for! The focus is on getting your body to move through its full range of motion. We will be rotating through various parts of your anatomy to unstick, unglue and unleash a specific area to allow your body to move as intended. Wear gym clothes that won’t inhibit movement and won’t expose body parts when you are stretching.  Most importantly expect to feel great when you leave; come join us and get that full range of motion you deserve!  This class is tailored to whatever areas YOU need help with.

Owner, Clint Russell has a doctorate in physical therapy and runs One Life Physical Therapy.  He is always available for quick mobility and movement questions and also for full movement analysis evaluations.