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W.O.D. (Workout of the Day)

  • W.O.D. for Friday 23 June
    1 power clean+3 push jerk EMOTMx6

    1200m run
    3 muscle ups-scale w/ pullups or dips/pushups
    6 PJ 115/75
    9 KBS 70/53
    1500m row
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Do You VooDoo…

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By: Clint Russell, SPT What is Voodoo floss? I’m sure you’ve see people wrapping their elbows or knees and wondered why. How is that supposed to help? I’m going to give you a little more information on these bands and what exactly they do to hopefully help you understand what is going on from a… Read more »



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Monday OHS 5×2 32X1 70-80% 12 min AMRAP 8 situps 8 OHS 115/75 25 Dbl undersOne of the best ways to get better is to slow movements down. The OHS will help develop stability in the shoulder thourought the ROM. I have never seen pause reps make anyone worse. The wod is about quick transitions…. Read more »


Wods 6/12/17-6/16/17

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  Monday HS hold/squat hold :15/:15 alt Power clean and Jerk 2 EMOTMx8 “Clean ladder Cindy 2 Rounds of “Cindy” 3 Clean and jerks 135/95 15 min AMRAP-add10lbs/rd Use the EMOTM to warmup the movement, not break a record. Focus on getting into a good setup everytime. This workout will help build you technique. Be… Read more »