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W.O.D. (Workout of the Day)

  • W.O.D. for Thursday 19 January

    EMOTM for 8 Minutes of
    Deadlift 3 (60-80% deadstop)

    HS Skill Work"

    ""Diane ladder""
    10/10, 9/9, 8/8, 7/7...1/1

    Deadlift 225/155
    Strict HSPU"
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Wods 1/16/17-1/20/17

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Monday, January 16th Strength/Skill: Complete 6 Sets of: 2 Power Cleans + 2 Front Squats + 2 Push Jerks Metcon: 8 Rounds for time of: 3 Power Clean + 3 Front Squats + 3 Jerks (155/105) 6 Burpee Pull ups Tuesday, January 17th Strength/Skill: 10 Left/10 Right Turkish Get Ups + Windmill x 1 round… Read more »


What’s Next?

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Whats Next…  There were some serious PR’s in 2016.  Our previous training cycle began at the end of the summer and ended early December with the CrossFit Total.  Over 80% of the members at both gyms PR’d at least one lift.  Most at least 2.  When someone first starts CrossFit, they see gains really fast… Read more »


The Why Behind Our Warm Ups

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By: Clint Russell A lot of people ask about warm ups and why we do things the way we do.  I thought I’d take the time to explain the purpose behind our warmups. Mobility is used as a catch all term, but there is much more than that that needs to be addressed during the… Read more »


Wods 12/27-12/31/16

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Tuesday Strength/Skill: Front squat 3×10 70% Metcon: 4 Rounds for time of: Teams of 3 Complete: 20 Wall Balls (20/14) 12 Toes to Bar 20/15 Calories Row/Bike One person at each station rotate when station ahead clears Wednesday, December 28th Strength/Skill: EMOTM for 10 Minutes of: 2 Snatches Metcon: AMRAP in 17 minutes of: 40… Read more »