What to expect coming back (post Covid-19)

EDIT effective 7/15: We will now be hosting classes in the vacant car wash next door to the gym.  The new mandates state we cannot host indoor fitness classes at this time.  Thankfully the owner of the car wash is allowing us to use the outdoor space.  We will be adapting the schedule starting the week of 7/20 with some slight modifications.  Please arrive to workout and meet in the alley.  You will need to wear a mask until we are ready to get started.  The gym will still be open to use the bathroom and water filler.  Thanks for your flexibility!


Covid-19 has changed some of our operations at CrossFit Coronado.  One of the biggest changes is that classes now need to be reserved through Mind Body and we are enforcing class limits.  Please watch the videos at the bottom of this page for how to reserve classes through a desktop or mobile app. Register here through Mind Body

We no longer have a drinking fountain.  We will have an automatic bottle filling station with filtered and chilled water but we are waiting on it to arrive and be installed.  Please bring a water bottle with you.

Gym towels are exclusively for cleaning.  If you need a sweat towel please bring one.  We have some brand new towels that you are welcome to use (and keep if you want) for personal use.  Once these are all used up/put back into rotation with gym towel laundry we won’t have personal towels available.

Please do not leave personal belongings at the gym (shoes, water bottles, jump ropes, etc).  We suggest having a dedicated gym bag and keeping things in your car so you have them when you come.  Due to the nature of enhanced cleaning we ask that you take everything home with you.

When you’re at the gym please keep your belongings in or near your workout space.  The back room is a staging area and we aren’t allowed to have people “hanging out” at the gym.  SO for now please do not put your belonging on the boxes, stairs, or shelves in the back.

Please wipe down all equipment after you use it.  With the spray cleaners please spray the rag and then wipe the equipment (this will hopefully help the equipment not take such a beating/rust etc).  Please also wipe down your floor space after working out.

Please enter through the back side door (kids/bike/box room area).  You will see the screening questions and the coach will also ask you.  If you have had a fever in the last 72 hours, cough, shortness of breath or known contact with someone suspected or positive for covid-19 you will not be allowed in the gym.  There is no exception here.  If you can’t come in we can loan you some equipment.

Currently we are not able to offer childcare.  We are planning to bring back childcare for members that have no alternative option for their kiddos as soon as possible.  If you are in this boat, please let me know.  Having an idea of how many people need childcare and what days they will most likely attend will help us plan going forward.

At this time we are not doing free trial classes.  If anyone is interested in CrossFit Coronado they are more than welcome to register for a class.  If they want to join after attending class we will credit the drop in fee to a membership.

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