Small Business Benefit Program

Supporting Small Businesses & High School Seniors

At Crossfit Coronado we recognize that small business is the heart of the community.  We are thankful to have a loyal membership base that has embraced our conversion to online programs during the Covid 19 pandemic.  Not all businesses had the capability to convert to online programs, and all businesses in Coronado are unable to generate revenue from tourism, which we all heavily rely on.  We want to do something to help all of the local small businesses.  We created a Stronger Together shirt and are taking preorders now through May 2.  All of the profits from these shirts will be given back to the community.  Part of the profits will be going towards a scholarship fund for graduating high school seniors.  The rest will be going back to a small business that YOU chose.  Each person purchasing a shirt will be able to designate which small business they want their money to benefit.

A New Scholarship for High School Seniors in Honor of LtCol Michael Marriott

We recognize that the graduating class of 2020 is not going to be able to create all of the memories from the end of their senior year.  For many this might not seem like that big of a deal in the long run.  However, if you think back to your senior of high school – prom, awards night, grad night, graduation, parties… those are most likely some awesome memories.  We’ve had a plan in the works to create a scholarship for a graduating senior in honor of our coach and good friend who passed away in 2018 due to pancreatic cancer.  This was the year to start the scholarship among other fun plans like a grand opening for our physical therapy practice.  As the economy and uncertainty unfolded it would have been easy to delay starting that scholarship until 2021.  However, we are not waiting.  We are personally committing to giving out at least 1 $500 scholarship to a graduating senior that displays some of the qualities we admired in Mike.  We want to recognize the adaptability of the seniors of 2020.  More information will be coming soon with details for how seniors can apply for this scholarship.

Together We Are Stronger

Our goal is to sell at least 1000 shirts.  This would allow us to give roughly $8000 back to small business and create 16 scholarships of $500.  Of course if we can sell more shirts than that we can give back even more!  Our friends at Boca Rio in Imperial Beach have offered to print the shirts for us at cost to allow us to give back even more.  When the presale of shirts is done, if we’ve been able to raise money beyond the 16 scholarships, will give able to give even more money from each shirt back to small businesses.  Again, for any shirt you purchase, you will decide what small business gets that money.

Ordering is Easy

Please Follow These Steps to Benefit Your Small Business of Choice

When you click the link below you will be taken to our online retail page.  After you’ve selected the shirts/sizes/quantities you want, go to check out.  You will need to create an account with your email.  Under contact information, it will ask for how you learned about is.  Pick other and then type in the local business you want to benefit.  If you forget to type in the business you can reply to your confirmation email with the business you want to benefit.  If we have any issues finding the owners of that business we will reach out to you for more information in finding them.  In order for a business to qualify they must have a current business license on file in the United States.  While this might not be the most streamlined order  set up, we’re working with what we’ve got!

There’s an analogy floating around that we are all in the same storm but we are not all in the same boat.  We’re doing our best to try to help keep everyone’s boats floating through the storm so we can all come out above water when this is done.

Here are the two designs

Strong Like Bull (front only):

Stronger Together (front chest pocket):

Stronger Together (back):

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Huge Thank Yous to:

Katie Schell for the awesome shirt designs:

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