Personal Training

Why personal training?

While many of our clients find that they thrive in a group setting, we recognize that group training is not always the best option.  For those of you that would like more personalized attention or may not be comfortable in a group workout setting, we also offer private instruction.  For some individuals, the class time of 1 hour is not feasible for their busy lifestyle or the group class times might not work.  Personal training is tailored to meet your specific goals and we will do our best to accommodate your time requests.  Our trainers have unique backgrounds working in the military, teaching in the classroom, special needs populations, healthcare, nutrition, physical therapy and more.  Personal training is also a great compliment to our group classes.  If you are a regular CrossFitter, you can benefit from some individualized coaching to perfect the more complex moves or solidify the foundational movements.   We would love to learn more about you and your needs and goals so we can pair you with the best trainer to help you attain those goals.

Please email or call 619-319-5992 for more information.