About Us

Our Mission:

Making fitness fun, accessible and motivating for everyone. Your time at CrossFit Coronado should be the BEST hour of your day!

Our Values:

Integrity: Doing the right thing regardless of circumstances.  Working hard and finishing what you start.

Resilience: The ability to persevere and overcome life’s challenges.

Family: We treat every member like family. We care about your progress in the gym just as much as your wellbeing outside the gym.

Trust: Believing in the process and allowing us to direct you in your fitness.

Professionalism: Delivering a top quality product for our clients that encompasses years of educations and training.

Why CrossFit Coronado?


Longest running CrossFit gym in San Diego

Childcare 6 days/week

Weightlifting program 2x/week (included with membership)

Competitive programming

Classes won’t be capped and you’re always welcome to come in

Nutritional support

Kids classes conveniently timed for right after school

About CFC:

CrossFit Coronado is one of the original CrossFit gyms in the San Diego area. Founded by former Navy Special Operations officers, our gym is based on the principles of INTEGRITY, DISCIPLINE, and COMMITMENT. Our program combines gymnastics and body weight movements with strength based weight training and endurance exercises to create a unique workout every day. In doing so, your body never adapts to a routine and is constantly challenged. This type of training allows you to continually develop and see progress. We also place a heavy emphasis on nutrition and lifestyle, which directly impact your ability to achieve your goals. CrossFit Coronado was voted one of the toughest gyms in America by Muscle & Fitness magazine for a good reason!  That being said, we can adapt our program to fit the needs of every person that walks through our door. What sets us apart from other gyms is our unique community.  You will find an eclectic mix of people at CrossFit Coronado, all eager and willing to help make CFC your home away from home.  There are two good reasons why people come back day after day for our challenging workouts: results and the camaraderie that you find here.  What are you waiting for? Come see for yourself why CrossFit Coronado is the best gym on the island. We offer a free trial class every Saturday at 10am or by appointment.