Wods 7/2/18-7/7/18

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Back squat 5-75%, 5-80%, 5-85%

200 Meter Run
10 FRL 95/65
6 CAL Bike

We are going a bit heavier today on the back squats.  Hitting a set at a higher percentage trains the body to recruit more muscle fibers at a faster rate resulting in more force production.


SKILL – Shoulder tap warmup then MU skills

2 MU –
4 Man Makers 50/30
8 HSPU 50/30
10 DBHPS 50/30
15 CAL Row /Bike

Shoulder taps will help with handstand walking as well as improve shoulder stability by strengthening the scapular muscles.  This wod is full of high skill movements.  They are put in in low reps so that you aren’t stuck on any one of them for very long.  We will scale it so you can move through consistently in order to get the most out of the wod.


Operation Red Wing Memorial Wod In Honor of those that lost their lives 6-28-05 in Afghanistan

28 Box Jumps overs 24/20
28 Power Cleans 75/45 28
KB swings 1 POOD
28 Abmat Situps
28 Push Presses 75/45
28 Air Squats
(may be done solo or scaled via a partner wod)


400 Meter Run
40 CAL Bike/ Row
600 Meter Run
30 CAL Bike/Row
800 Meter
20 CAL Bike/Row
1000m run

This wod is easy on the joints, but not the heart!  We need wods like this, because they allow us to keep training but prevent overuse injuries.  This is a purely aerobic wod.  A well developed aerobic system will help improve the bodies ability to recover via improved circulation.


Power snatch+snatch EMOTMx12 min 50-80%

12 min AMRAP
9 Snatches 105/75
30 Double Unders
9 T2B

The EMOTM is there to dial in mechanics.  Use this time to work on keeping the bar close and work on fast mechanics. The goal of the wod is to maintain a pace you can hold on to for 12 min.  Break up the TTB in 2 sets if necessary.  Don’t take them to failure!


Wods 6/25/18-6/29/18

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We did a lot of maxing last week.  The weights are lighter this week to allow our bodies adequate recovery.  We’ll get back to heavy squats the following week.


Power clean+2 Lunges EMOTMx8 (warmup for wod)

“The Running Man”
800m run
10 Front rack lunges 115/75
10 Ring pushups

Single leg movements are great at forcing the glutes to do their job.  Front rack lunges really hammer the legs, but are easier on the joints that squats due to the lighter amount of weight being used.  Hit the run at 80%, and focus on taking a breath every rep.


1 snatch EMOTMx8 (warmup)

5 min AMRAP
100 DU-buy in
max rds
10 snatch 115/75
10 bar facing burpees
Rest 3 min
5 min AMRAP
100 DU buy in
max rds
8 snatch 135/95
12 Bar facing burpees
Rest 3 min
5 min AMRAP
100 DU buy in
6 snatch 155/105
14 Bar Facing burpees

The EMOTM at the beginning is there merely to dial in technique.  Work up to the heaviest weight you will use in the wod.  Scaling options are to not change weights if you are newer, or pick entirely different ones that are within you ability level.


“True Lies”

Teams of 3
10k Row
alternate every 300m

This is just good ole fashion work capacity.  Its meant to be easy on the joints and hard on the cardiovascular system.  You are working at about 1:2 ratio so that means all out effort!


5/5 TGU
15 GHD situps


35 Wall balls 20/14
15 Pullups
5 Wall walks

TGU strengthen just about every muscle in the body in some form or fashion.  They are great for improving shoulder ROM and stability.  For the wod, attack the wallballs.  This wod should burn in the lungs.  The wall walks are slow.  Use them to catch your breath in between reps so you can go right at the wallballs.


Deadlift+hang power clean+push jerk EMOTMx10 work up to atleast the weigth for the wod

12 Deadlifts 155/105
9 Hang power cleans 155/105
6 Push jerk 155/105

Today is an old school Benchmark.  In order to cycle the reps quickly, you must be efficient.  The purpose of a wod like this is to test efficiency under fatigue.  The jerk is usually the deciding factor on the weight.  You should get the 1st set of jerks unbroken.


June Athlete of the Month – Marci

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marci4Meet Marci Szymanski! Marci joined CrossFit Coronado in October 2016. We love having her as a member! Marci is a self-proclaimed competitor at heart, but she is the first one to cheer on the other athletes in the gym. She is always optimistic even when she thinks she’s not. Her sense of humor keeps us laughing. Marci tells it as it is and we wouldn’t have it any other way! As one of our Masters Athletes, Marci is an excellent example of what can be accomplished as we leave our younger years. Her pride in herself and accomplishments in the gym are evident, she’s earned it!

Marci tried a class at CFC to appease two friends who were already members, that had been “harassing” her to try it out. The perception of CrossFit being a workout for the young who could throw around heavy weights had been a deterrent. To her surprise, she found that WODs could be scaled and she could do them! The seemingly never ending muscle soreness  kept Marci coming back, she knew she had to keep moving to relieve it. To her surprise, she was enjoying the classes, the camaraderie of the members; and she was getting stronger! Marci had a goal to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, her workouts at CFC were instrumental in helping her accomplish that dream.

marci3In asking Marci what her goals are in CrossFit, she relayed stories about a hamstring rupture and shoulder injury and surgery. She wants to “maintain and improve practical strength and mobility.” Another goal, one of which is so close, is a strict pull-up. Trust us, it won’t be long until she’s got it! Given Marci’s injuries, she shows determination each day in the gym.

Marci’s favorite movements in CF are the deadlift and box jump. She has gone from a 55# deadlift to 175#!! This PR is her proudest moment so far in CF.  Her least favorite movements are pull-ups and burpees.

Why does Marci love CFC? “I love the people, the atmosphere and the workouts. I was shy about starting as I thought I would find an elitist mentality at CFC. It’s been amazing! The other CrossFitters don’t judge. They were supportive when I was deadlifting 55# and they were cheering me on when I reached 175#. The coaches are the perfect balance between cheerleader and overbearing coach. I’ve never felt anyone discourage me from trying anything at CFC. The other thing I love about CrossFit in general is that I don’t have to think up my workout everyday. I have NEVER been bored with the WOD’s!

Marci’s advice for someone new to CrossFit or thinking about joining is the confidence that’s built. Feeling better and getting physically stronger are worth the start up. She would also make sure that they know the WOD’s can be marci2scaled.

In asking Marci to tell us something unique about herself, she shared that she has been accepted to Columbia University and USC! She is going to get her Master’s in Social Work. We will certainly be cheering her on!

Last, but certainly not least, Marci finds her motivation in the gym from her competitive nature. PERIOD! “I always want to do my best.” She also finds her inspiration in helping people.




Wods 6/18/18-6/22/18

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1 RM power clean
3EMOTMx3 min up to 75%
Rest 1 min
2 EMOTMx3 min up to 85%
Rest 1 min
1 EMOTMx8 min to hit a 1rm

400m run
15 KBS 70/53
15 True pushup

This progression is meant to warmup the CNS for the power cleans. Focus on dialing in the mechanics. Hit the run hard. This wod should feel like a max effort mile and should take just a little longer.


Toes to bar skills

1/1/1, 2/2/2, 3/3/3…
Ball slams 40/30
Box jump overs 24/20
Toes to bar

We are backing off the barbell today due to maxing out yesterday, tomorrow and Thursday. The coaches will help you connect TTB and dial in the movement during the skill session. Pace yourself during the wod. Take a breath every rep. This one will take longer than you think so don’t start off too fast.


Front squats find 5rm

Front squats 155/105
C2B pullups

We have been consistently squatting for a while now, and we are gonna see where we are at. Big numbers last week. 5rms tend to carryover more to CF than 1rm. For the wod, I want 21 Front squats in a row! Attack the squats will full effort. Break the pullups before muscle fatigue if needed. This one is short and to the point!


Close grip bench find 3rm

15 min AMRAP
20/15 cal row
10 DB push Press 50/35
Statue of liberty carry 25m
10 DB push Press
Statue of liberty 25m

Close grip bench is a great way to strengthen the horizontal press. Time to see where we are at. On the wod, try and set a pace of about 80-85% max effort on the row. Breath every rep on the DB press. This wod is meant to train shoulder stability.


6 min AMRAP
50 Wall balls
Then max rds of
40 DU
10 Deadlifts 185/125
Rest 3 min
6 min AMRAP
50 Wall balls then max rds of
40 Du
10 DL 225/155
rest 5 min
1 mile run 

What would a week at CFC be without DU? The wall balls are a buy in meant to tax your legs, lungs, and core. The deadlifts may not seem heavy but they will be hard due to the wall balls. Go up in wt for rd 2 and try and match your score from round 1.  The mile run at the end is a great benchmark.  Improve your lifting, your bodyweight movements, and your mile time and watch how that carries over to your health markers.


Wods 6/11/18-6/15/18

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Power cleans 2 EMOTMx6 up to 85%

Odd 400m sprint
Even 6 Power cleans+12 pullups or 8 muscle ups

Use the EMOTM to warmup to slightly heavier than the wod weight. For the wod, ATTACK the run. Use a weight that you can’t TNG 6x in a row. You should approach it with quick singles. In other words, as heavy as form allows. (AHAFA). Pullups or muscle ups are RX for this. Do the more challenging of the movement that you have. If 8MU is too many, don’t hesitate to scale the reps. We are testing our power clean next week.


TTB skills

1 min max reps
Overhead plate lunges 45/25
Plank hold
KB single arm PP 53/35
Calorie bike

We will use the first part of class to improve everyones TTB. After that, the key is to take a BREATH every rep. The bike is last for a reason. Go hard. Earn that rest!


Front squats

Try and go up each set

Row 1k
50 burpees

For the Front squat ladder, go 70, 80, 90, then after that, then 85-90-95 or whatever form allows. We are testing our FS next week. The wod is a bit shorter to allow adequate warmup for the heavy lifting. On that note, get it on the row. Its short, and it should sting. This one is all out effort.


10 close grip bench
10 pullups

Rope climb skills

20 DB snatch 50/35
3 rope climbs
12 Box jump overs 24/20

Bench serves the purpose of strengthening horizontal pressing. Close grip is much safer for the shoulder. We want the reps unbroken. We will be testing our bench press next week. For the pullups, the sets may be broken up if you are unable to get 10 strict in a row. Its ok if it takes you a little longer. Get strong! If rope climbs are not your strong suit, I’d rather you scale the reps and even the height of the climb and still do rope climbs.


Deadlift 2 EMOTM 70-80%x10

Du skills

12 min AMRAP

5 man makers 50/35
25 DU

Deadlift are deadstop. In this fashion, deadlifts have great carryover to the oly lifts with regard to pulling strength. The wod today is gonna build character. Scale the man makers to a weight you can hold a steady pace. We will spend some time tightening up everyones DU. DU are a movement that really rewards efficiency. Don’t try and go fast, just keep going. You will end up going a lot faster.

Wods 6/4/18-6/8/18

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10 strict pullups

1rd every 5 minx4
400m run
12 DB Front rack lunges 50/35
12 DB PP 50/35

Alot of people have expressed interest in getting pullups, bar muscle ups, etc.  Strict pullups are a foundational movement for more advanced gymnastics moves.  Run hard on the 400m.  The goal is to finish each set as fast as you can so get more rest.  Earn that rest!


5 min AMRAP
50/35 cal bike/Row
max rds
9 Power cleans135/95
9 Bar facing buprees
rest 2 min
5 min AMRAP
50/35 cal bike/row
7 Power cleans 155/105
7 Bar Facing burpees
rest 2 min
5 min AMRAP
50/35 cal Bike/Row
max rds
5 power cleans 185/125
5 Bar facing burpees

The goal for this wod is to go 85-90% on the bike so you have some time on the power cleans and burpees.  The weighs should be light, med, and then med/heavy.  Focus on breathing and keeping the back set tight on the cleans.


Front squat 5×2 pause 2ct

“Work it Wednesday”
15 Front squats 155/105
15 C2B pullups
60 Du

Time to see where we are on front squats.  Pauses force you to stay engaged as opposed to collapsing in the bottom.  For the metcon, I want you to use a weight you can get 15 on the 1st set!  This wod is a sprint.  Go get it!


Seated DB press 10
GHD situps 15

12 min AMRAP

3/3,6/6, 9/9…

AKBS 53/35
plyo Jump

Seated DB press prevent overextension and force more core engagement.  GHD situps so everyone looks good in a bathing suit:)  For the wod, you must pace your self.  You will get a much better score if you start off a little slower and then speed up.


3 DL EMOTMx8 up to 80% deadstop

6 min AMRAP rest 3 minx2
5/5 DB C&J
5/5 Renegade Row
10 Ball slams 40/30

Deadstop DL help build strength off the floor and have a greater carry over to your 1rm.  Deadlifts are a movement that we don’t need to push to max effort very often.  The weight should be challenging but no where near failure.  For the metcon, push the envelope.  Focus on taking a breath every rep and trying to maintain as fast of pace as you can.  Try and beat your score on round 2.


Wods 29 May-1 June

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1k Row
10 Deadlift 185/25
10 Barfacing burpees
1k Row
10 Deadlift 225/155
10 Bar facing burpees
1k Row
10 Deadlift 275/185
10 bar facing burpees

Its always fun to change weights during the wod.  This is intended to be heavy at the end, but low overall volume.  Wods like this will help flush everything out from murph and maintain our strength as we back off the lifting this week.


15 Power Snatches (75/55)
30 Double Unders
15 Wallballs (20/14)
30 Double Unders

This is a double under wod.  We will spend the first half doing DU skill work.  This is a long time for these types of movements.  Pacing is key.  Focus on being consistent and breathing.  Start off a bit slower and pick it up if you feel good.


Close grip bench 10
15 GHD situps

Bike/Row .6/500ml
50m statue of libery carry 50/35

Today will develop core strength and work capacity but be minimally taxing on the joints.  Days like this keep our aerobic system fit and prevent injuries.


Rope climb skills

Regionals event 6

4 rope climbs
16 thrusters 155/105
3 rope climbs
12 thrusters
2 rope climbs
8 thrusters

We’ll spend some time on rope climbs to help everyone get more efficient.  The thruster should be heavy enough where you need to break up the first round in 2 sets if you aren’t going rx, but it should not be so heavy you hit failure.


Wods 5/21-5/25

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Kang squats

DU skills
barbell cycling skills

“Mr Clean”

Power clean and Jerk 115/75
30 DU after each round


keep the load light and work on efficient cycling. On the DU, don’t try to go fast, just try to keep moving. Try for unbroken on the lift and quick transition to the rope.


“Cobra commander”

1 min max reps
Bench press 115/75
Strict Chin ups
KBS 70/53
rest 1 min

The goal of today is to build upper body endurance. Break the bench up in even manageable sets. We will stagger accordingly. In the warmup, try jumping up on the rope and getting your feet locked quickly.


Back squats 3×8 70-75%

“Thigh Day”

1200m run
10 back squats 225/155
10 Knees to elbows

Today is a high volume squat day meant to prep us for Murph next week. Use the racks if you only if you must.


Bar muscle ups skills

20 min AMRAP

4 Bar MU
8 DB snatch 50/35
15/12 Cal Row

A lot of people have expressed interest in getting bar muscle ups. This is a great wod to test and retest in a month or so. We will go through progressions in class as well as scaling. This wod is some serious cardio! Pace accordingly. 20 min is a long time:)


“Regionals event 4”

For time:
2 rounds of:
10 snatches, 175 / 125 lb.
12 Bar facing burpees
Then, 2 rounds of:
10 snatches, 115 / 75 lb.
12 Bar Facing burpees

Scale this so you can get 2-3 snatches in a row for the 1st weight. If you are newer to the snatch, a great modification would be simply doing 4rds at a weight you can move efficiently.

Wods 5/14/18-5/19/18

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Happy birthday Coach Kenna!

Deadlift 3 EMOTMx8 min all deadstop 65-80%

400m run
12 Deadlift 225/155
20 Ring pushups


Focus on the setup for the deadlifts.  This is a movement that doesn’t need to be done to max intensity very often to see progress.  Simply working at the above % will ensure safe progress.  For the wod, we want the reps unbroken but under control.  We will scale the ring pushups accordingly to each individual.


Rope climb skills

E3mx24 min

5/5 KBPP 53/35
10 plyo jumps
15 ball slams 40/30
1 rope climb

The Wod is about pacing.  Attempt to take a breath every rep.  You should be at 85% effort and trying to sustain it the whole time.  Wods like this improve efficiency as you get a chance to refocus during the rest periods.


Happy Dirty 30 D$!

Teams of 2-1wks 1 rests

20 min AMRAP
30 cal bike/row
5 Burpee pullups
18 Front squats 155/105
88 Dbl unders

A team wod is generally a great way to get in intervals.  I would suggest cutting each round exactly in half.  For a wod this long, don’t start off too fast.  If you feel good 8 min in, then pick it up.


TTB skills

3 pos snatch 7 sets

“Snake bite”
12 min AMRAP
4 hang snatch 115/75
8 Slam ball over shoulder 40/30

3 pos snatches are one of my favorite drills.  The goal today is to work on each phase of the lift.  The goal isn’t a max, but to perfect mechanics.  If you are moving well, feel free to go up.  The wod is designed for quick transitions.  Scale so that this is maintained.



Front rack lunges 3×8/8 from rack(step backwards)

Happy birthday Troie!

“Go Ahead”
800m run
20 DB front rack lunges 50/35
5 wall walks
400m runs
15 DB front rack lunges 50/35
3 wall walks
200m run
10 DB front rack lunges 50/35
1 Wall walk


The strength piece is meant to improve confidence with single limb movements.  We are stepping backwards as it is less sheer force on the knee.  Movements like this are key to fixing imbalances in our legs and trunk.  This will keep us healthy as well as strong for a long time!


“CrossFit Fight club”

1 min max reps
Thruster 95/65
Power cleans 95/65
Box jump overs 24/20
Bike calories
rest 1 min

Wods 5/7/18-5/11/18

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3 PC EMOTMx8 min

5 Power clean 155/105
10 Burpees
15 Wall balls 20/14

During the EMOTM, focus on cycling. Don’t go super heavy, 70-75% will get you good and warmed up. Use a weight you can touch and go for the wod. We want quick transitions to spike the HR.


8/8 Bent rows
BSS 8/8

12 min AMRAP
8 OHL 95/65
8 KB SDHP 70/53
8 C2B pullups

Rows and split squats are great accessory movements that serve the role of correcting imbalances. You all need them! This wod is intended to be lighter weights, fast transitions. For the pullups, scale the reps if 8 is too many. we want to see at least the 1st round unbroken.


3×10 strict pullups
Rowing skills

1 Round Every 3 Minutes x 27 min (9 Rounds)

1: 400m run
2: 500M ROW
3: 0.6 Bike

Today we push into the longer time domain. We need to focus solely on aerobic endurance from time to time. Today is easy on the joints, but will improve circulation so you can recover from Monday and Tuesday as well as get in a great workout.


3 Deadlift+3 power cleans+3 Front squats 6 sets

100 DU $in
Front squat 185/125
Ring dips
100 DU

This is the exact opposite of yesterday. The strength is there to build each part of the clean. Focus on a perfect setup every time. For the wod, use the rack if you have too. I want this one to be our heavy wod of the week.  You absolutely can get stronger with you HR elevated.  Take a breath after every rep.

1×10/10 TGU+windmill

8 min AMRAP rest 3 minx2
Bike 2/4/6…
DB snatch 2/4/6
Box Jump over 2/4/6…


TGU+windmill will open up all of the joints as well as serve as a great warmup for the wod. The key to the wod is bring it on the bike. Focus on set and breathing for the other movements. The bike is what make or breaks your score.